Sabariah Abbas

Service and Operations Manager, Medan Pasar Branch

Growing through the years

Sabariah is now nearly four decades into her career at UOB. In this time, she has grown beyond her expectations as a professional, as well as played a vital role in helping the Bank grow its relationships with customers across generations. Find out more about Sabariah’s journey and her passion for service in the video below.

I know this is where I can go as far as I want to

Sabariah Abbas
Services and Operations Manager
Medan Pasar Branch

I am Sabariah. 

I am the Services and Operations Manager of the Medan Pasar Branch of UOB Malaysia. 

I’ve been with UOB Malaysia for 37 years now.

Over the years, I’ve grown from serving customers as a branch teller to supervising the branch as a Services and Operations Manager. 

I’ve also developed a very strong passion for service. 

I take a lot of pride in serving my customers in an efficient and thoughtful way, because service is always about people, not just the transactions. 

It always makes me very happy to see my customers starting a second or even third generation banking relationship with UOB. 

To me, that’s one of the best ways to show that they trust us and value what we can deliver.

One of my proudest moments in my career so far was when I won the UOB Service Award, which was awarded based on customers’ feedback. 

It felt good to know that my effort was recognised and appreciated.

I am very excited to transfer my knowledge and experience to the next generation of branch officers. 

I want to do my part to help them grow to enjoy what they do and to do it well.

I started my journey at UOB in a rank-and-file role and I did not expect to be able to come this far. 

I was able to expand my branch operations experience to include investment sales, after undergoing training and the licensing examination. 

If you’re ready to stretch yourself, UOB is always ready to help you do that. 

It is a place where you can build an outstanding career, no matter where you start. 

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