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Health & Wellness

Access a range of resources to stay fit and healthy as you build your life and career.

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We offer a wide variety of leave schemes to help you make time for people and events that matter to you.

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We offer a comprehensive range of coverage and exclusive privileges to take care of your fitness, health screening and outpatient/inpatient treatment needs.


Our leave schemes are designed to give you greater flexibility in managing different priorities. Some are designed to help you spend more time with your family, while others provide you the opportunity to pursue your personal aspirations. You will find what you need to be in control of your life and career.




Our insurance plans can help you to ride out challenging times and unforeseen circumstances.

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Enjoy banking privileges designed to support your life goals.

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As an employee, you are automatically enrolled in our Group insurance plans. These provide you with term life coverage for death and total permanent disability, as well as personal accident coverage. In this way, you and your family are assured of a greater level of financial security, beyond your own insurance plans, should the unexpected happen.


You can access exclusive employee banking privileges* to plan your life and finances. These include staff housing loans for property purchases, unsecured staff loans for renovation or further study and staff vehicle loans. You are also eligible for preferential rates and fee waivers for a wide range of savings and investment products and services.


* Employee privileges may vary by countries.


Benefits & Wellness


Flexi-work arrangements

Access a variety of flexible work arrangements to manage your work and life with greater ease.

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Our flexi-work arrangements are designed to provide you with better work-life harmony. With these in place, you will have more control of how you fulfil a combination of career, personal and family needs.


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