UOB Singapore Associate Officer Programme

Programme Overview

The UOB Singapore Associate Officer Programme is a one-year programme designed to help you start and fast-track your career in customer service within the banking industry. To be a UOB Associate Officer, you will be someone who has the drive to deliver high standards of customer experience. Over the course of this programme, you will learn the basics of branch services and develop the skills to ensure smooth branch operations.


What we look for in a UOB Associate Officer:

  • A diploma from a local polytechnic
  • A passion for customer service excellence
  • Strong communication skills


You will gain relevant skills over a mix of structured classroom training and on-the-job coaching. To enhance your versatility and branch operations knowledge, you will be exposed to various roles ranging from customer service to vault management. A buddy will also be assigned to you to offer mentoring support as you perform your daily duties.

On this track, you will begin your career as a UOB Associate Officer and advance towards the role of Branch Manager. However, should you develop an interest in another business within the Bank along the way, you will have the opportunity to apply for an internal transfer as we support employee mobility.

Find out how the UOB Singapore Associate Officer Programme has enriched the careers of its current cohort and alumni.

I like the promising career path that this all-rounded programme offers. I get to learn more about how a bank operates, from the customer-facing role of a bank teller to the processes of backroom operations.
Cindy Khor Xue Fang, Associate Officer

I enjoyed being immersed in various roles in this programme. It enabled me to experience different responsibilities and understand branch processes at a deeper level, which means I can provide a better customer service experience.
Nurul Diyana Mohd Raos, CL2 Officer, CSO

The UOB Singapore Associate Officer Programme has a different focus on role and responsibility at each level. It was a very rewarding experience for me and it was how I developed the leadership skills that won me the Top Customer Service Award in 2013.
Toh Wee Keong, Branch Service Manager

You will undergo interviews with Human Resources and Senior Managers to assess your suitability for the UOB Singapore Associate Officer Programme.

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