Investment Approach

Our Investment Philosophy

Our investment approach is guided by sound principles that lead clients toward their long-term investment goals, with a focus on value, quality and diversification. Engaging Asian high net worth clients often take the discussion beyond just managing personal wealth. Our integrated 'One Bank' approach, backed by an established Asian footprint, enables us to tap into our full suite of business and investment solutions to meet the increasingly sophisticated needs of our clients.

- Neo Teng Hwee, Chief Investment Officer, UOB Private Bank

Investment Process

We recognise the need for a disciplined and structured approach to thrive in today’s investment landscape. Hence, we adopt a holistic approach in formulating our investment strategy, taking into account macro and secular trends into our in-depth analysis. We work with your Senior Client Advisor, our strategists and asset class specialists to formulate actionable ideas that best express our current view on the market that are suitable for your portfolio.

Active Portfolio Management

Our goal for investing is singular: To earn returns that meet your long-term financial aspirations and preserve the purchasing power of your wealth. Understandably, volatility should be matched to your risk temperaments. Risk premiums* can change across business cycles and these may give rise to opportunities from time to time. Through diligent management of your portfolio, we can help tip the balance in your favour.

Our investment philosophy is built on three timeless tenets:


Excess returns should compensate for the intrinsic risk in an asset. Value-driven investing has been proven for potential long-term investment success


Long-term approach

In the world of instantaneous communication, there is plenty of market noise. However, it is the fundamentals that will drive value in the long run.


Risk management and diversification

To create a resilient and rewarding portfolio, portfolio risks will be actively managed and investments will be well-diversified across asset classes.

*The return in excess of the risk-free rate of return that an investment is expected to yield.