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13 JULY 2023

There’s no denying it’s been an unusual time for the global economy and markets. But the mid-year outlook for investments is looking on the up and up. The Business Times correspondent, Howie Lim speaks to Dr Neo Teng Hwee, Chief Investment Officer at UOB Private Bank to get more insights.


11 JULY 2023

The global economy has decelerated but averted a recession so far. Continued monetary tightening in the US could lead to inflation being a thing of the past. Big tech stocks in the US have also made a spectacular recovery in part due to the euphoria surrounding ChatGPT and AI. Private Bank’s Chief Investment Officer, Dr Neo Teng Hwee shares his 3Q 2023 views and provides a take on what this means for investors.


29 MAY 2023

The key tension in markets right now is between declining interest rate risk as the Fed prioritises financial stability and an economic slowdown. In our view, the global slowdown is likely to be relatively mild as key economies such as China benefit from a reopening boost. But what does it mean for investors? UOB Private Bank’s Chief Investment Officer, Dr. Neo Teng Hwee unpacks his 2Q 2023 views.


24 MAY 2023

Dominating the headlines recently is talk around the US debt ceiling and potential negative impact on its economy. We break down the debt ceiling concept in this episode and explain why it has become a political issue.


10 MAY 2023

As we expect further downgrades in corporate earnings and observe an economic slowdown, enhancing investor prudence is necessary in the months ahead. We share our views on Equities in this episode.


26 APRIL 2023

What can we make of the World Bank's latest global growth forecast that has been raised from 1.7% to 2%? Tune in to find out how the upward revision is playing out in the greater scheme of things.


10 APRIL 2023

In this episode, Investment Strategist, Francis Tan, fields two recurring questions that have surfaced in the past month – Is inflation still a problem in the US? And with the recent banking crisis, are we going to see a recession anytime soon?


21 MARCH 2023

With plenty of market jitters surrounding the recent banking crisis, investors' fear of the "Lehman moment" that brought about the Global Financial Crisis (GFC) in 2008 has been stoked once more. Will there be a GFC 2.0 or is this time going to be different? Hear from Investment Strategist, Francis Tan.


9 March 2023

Landing on the third investment theme for 2023, we take a deeper look at what it means to anticipate a new business cycle, from fiscal policies to trends in equities.



According to the World Bank Group, global growth forecasts are down to 1.7%; a relatively sharp dip since the last projection in 2022. Find out what is driving the heightened possibility of a recession.


26 JANUARY 2023

Looking ahead into 2023, here is a recap of the business cycle and some indicators of where we are now. Peaking inflation and Fed risks emerge as the first theme.


19 JANUARY 2023

With the focus shifting from inflation to recessionary pressures, what investment strategies can HNWIs employ to ensure portfolio resiliency? And can anyone use those strategies as well? The Business Times correspondent Howie Lim speaks to Dr. Neo Teng Hwee, Chief Investment Officer and Head of Products and Solutions at UOB Private Bank to find out.


11 JANUARY 2023

Summary of investment themes and a roadmap for investors in 2023.



US home mortgage rates are soaring, causing a sharp fall in home sales and steep increase in supply. As a result, transaction volume has declined. Find out why the Fed is taking a keen interest in the housing market vis a vis their target inflation rate of 2%.


25 NOVEMBER 2022

The big question on the minds of investors in this final quarter of 2022 – will interest rates come down next year? While it certainly looks like rate hikes have been climbing fast and furious in 2022, the US has signalled a slow down in magnitude and pace. What can we watch out for in the months to come?



Recap of third quarter's market views; from rate hikes to tight labour markets. What can we look forward to in Q4 2022?



With 85% of global economies still grappling with rising prices, inflation woes are still in the horizon. The good news is that inflation has finally peaked, showing signs of declining commodities and logistics prices. Not convinced? Francis Tan, Investment Strategist, highlights key data trends that tell us so.


26 AUGUST 2022

Identifying where we are on the business cycle is an important step to managing our investment portfolios. Investment Strategist, Francis Tan, argues that we are already in the "Autumn" phase of the business cycle, and provides his take on the asset types and sectors that will perform relatively better.


12 AUGUST 2022

A business cycle starts and ends with a recession. It is important to know where we are on it, especially for an effective portfolio allocation. Are we early or late in the cycle? Investment Strategist, Francis Tan, reveals some of the indicators that help investors gauge the phase we are in.


29 JULY 2022

In 1H 2022, global equities sold off amid fears of rising interest rates causing a recession. Do stocks always turn out negatively whenever interest rates rise? Tune in to find out with Francis Tan, Investment Strategist.


19 JULY 2022

Recessionary fears that caused the global equities selloff stem from the observation that whenever interest rates rise, recessions ensue. However, although equities are pricing in a recession, bond markets are not. Hear about this phenomenon from Investment Strategist, Francis Tan.


30 JUNE 2022

Risk assets have been pricing in a recession over the past months. Are we really in a recession, or not?
Hear from Investment Strategist, Francis Tan, on why we are not in a recession yet, and that markets overly worried about it provides opportunities, till the next recession really comes.


6 May 2022

High periods of inflation has brought about concerns over stagflation. Hear from Investment strategist, Francis Tan on this cyclical phenomenon and measuring stagflation using The Misery Index.


19 April 2022

Hear from Investment strategist, Francis Tan on how inflation is a global phenomenon, not just in the U.S. − affecting gasoline prices, food, energy, housing and vehicles.


28 February 2022

Hear from Dr Neo Teng Hwee, Chief Investment Officer of UOB Private Bank, about what investors should consider in today’s volatile market conditions.


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