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6 May 2022

High periods of inflation has brought about concerns over stagflation. Hear from Investment strategist, Francis Tan on this cyclical phenomenon and measuring stagflation using The Misery Index.


19 April 2022

Hear from Investment strategist, Francis Tan on how inflation is a global phenomenon, not just in the U.S. − affecting gasoline prices, food, energy, housing and vehicles.


28 February 2022

Hear from Dr Neo Teng Hwee, Chief Investment Officer of UOB Private Bank, about what investors should consider in today’s volatile market conditions.


14 January 2022

The COVID-19 pandemic, which resulted in one of the worst public health crises in the 20th century, will soon approach its third year. After two years of intermittent lockdowns and conditional re-openings, better vaccination access and therapeutics, have given countries the confidence to pivot towards an endemic COVID-19 state, despite the emergence of the Omicron variant. While the path to normalisation has unveiled new opportunities for the global economy and businesses, we are now faced with a 30-year high inflation rate. Central banks and governments are confronted with the need to fade much of the emergency stimulus which helped to propel asset prices to an all-time high.


16 December 2021

Bracing for Inflation and Seeking Resilient Yield - Invesco US Senior Loans
Watch Raymond Sim (Portfolio Counsellor, UOB Private Bank) and Kevin Petrovcik (Senior Client Portfolio Manager, Invesco) discuss senior loans and their relevance in a rising yield environment.


9 December 2021

Bracing for Inflation, Seeking Resilient Yield - BlackRock Global Real Asset Securities
Watch Wong Meng Keet (Head of Managed Products and Sustainable Investing, UOB Private Bank) and Alastair Gillespie (Chief Investment Officer of Global Real Asset Securities Group, BlackRock) discuss Real assets and their relevance in today's market.


16 July 2021

As the momentum of vaccination programmes gain pace, a global economic recovery is in sight as countries embark on the path of recovery.  Activities in many sectors have picked up and adapted to pandemic restrictions over recent months. As the economic fallout from the pandemic begins to dissipate, the removal of emergency stimulus measures is notably demonstrated by the Fed’s recent guidance on the road to raising interest rates.