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With our expertise and in-depth local knowledge of Asia, we understand your supply chain requirements and can provide suitable financing solutions. UOB’s Financial Supply Chain Management (FSCM) solutions can help your business optimise working capital, maximise profitability and minimise costs while enhancing the relationship you have with your suppliers and/or dealers.

Why Choose UOB

world hand

Regional footprint and in-country knowledge

Leverage our established presence in Asia and Greater China and our deep understanding of in-country operating environment, business practices and risks.

bank house

Leading bank in Asia

Leverage our knowledge and experience with the SME markets to strengthen your supply chain.


Comprehensive suite of solutions

We provide end-to-end cash and trade solutions and flexible financing structures that cater to your business needs.


Regional supplier and dealer onboarding

Our experienced and dedicated FSCM implementation teams  can provide appropriate FSCM solutioning and efficient supplier/dealer onboarding.



Pre-shipment Financing

Covers working capital needs of Seller for the sourcing, manufacturing and delivery expenses to ensure fulfilment of delivery to Buyer.

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percent down

Early Payment Discounting

A buyer-centric solution where the Bank assists the Buyer to pay sellers in advance, prior to the original due date of the invoice.

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Benefits to Buyer (Anchor)

  • Ensures financial stability of suppliers, leading to the fulfilment of timely delivery.

Benefits to Sellers (Suppliers)

  • Enables suppliers to obtain funds to purchase raw materials and pay for other pre-shipment expenses.
  • Potential improvement to overall financial cost.

Benefits to Buyer (Anchor)

  • Increased liquidity with reduced Days Payable Outstanding, thus improving cash flow for Buyer
  • Potentially reduces cost of goods purchased

Benefits to Sellers (Suppliers)

  • Obtain cash up-front and improve Days Sales Outstanding from Buyer’s Early Payment Discounting arrangement
  • Potential improvement to overall financial cost
receive cash

Receivables Financing

Sellers can obtain financing prior to invoice due date by selling/assigning their receivables to the Bank.

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Dealer Financing

Provide financing to Buyers to cover holding of goods for sale and to bridge liquidity gap until they receive funds from sale of goods to end-customer.

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Benefits to Seller (Supplier)

  • Generates flexible, secure and predictable source of working capital by monetising receivables
  • Improved Days Sales Outstanding and cash flow, thereby potentially improving balance sheet
  • Enhanced visibility of payment process

Benefits to Buyer (Dealer)

  • Potential to extend payable terms
  • Enjoys stable supply base and improved relationship with supplier

Benefits to Buyers (Dealers)

  • Enables Dealers to obtain financing relying on their financials and track record with the Anchor.
  • Optimises working capital by bridging the liquidity gap between the purchase and payments received from the sale of goods.
  • Potential improvement to overall financial cost.

Benefits to Seller (Anchor)

  • Potential sales growth when additional finance is provided to the Dealers.
  • Reduction of payment risk.

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