We bring you and your employees a series of exciting funfairs and talks on the hottest topics in  town!

“UOB Workplace Banking believes in engaging our communities in need for the greater  good”.


Equip your employees with new knowledge over halal-certified lunch provided by UOB Workplace Banking. Check out our extensive list of lunch talks and carnivals that bring your employees closer together.

Festive Bazaar

Never miss out on any festivities with your staff, as we bring the celebration and goodies to you.

Food Bazaar

Stock up on tasty local and international snacks, pastries, tea, and more, brought to you by us.

Sports & Health Bazaar

Encourage your employees to lead a healthy and active lifestyle with a host of trusted sporting brands, healthy snacks and more.

Parents & Kids Bazaar

No time to shop for your kids? Let our vendors bring children clothes, books, toys and more to your office.

Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) and Charity Events

Photo credit: Miss Angkana Wansri, UOB Thailand,
Brand Photography Contest 2017

Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) and Charity Events

Inject CSR and charity vibes into your office culture! Support and spread the love and encouragement to people with special needs with their handmade merchandises.

Lunchtime Talks (Financial and Leisure)

Financial Planning Talk

Learn about kickstarting your financial planning journey with the basics, which includes UOB’s Risk First Approach.

Will Writing Talk

Do you need a lawyer to write your will or is writing it only about the money? Understand the science behind will writing with this talk.

Nutritional Talk

With vegan diet trends and more going around, which is the most beneficial for your daily lifestyle? Have the right experts explain them to you.

Retirement Scheme Talk

Learn about how you can plan for your retirement with advice about this account. Join us and get insights about tax relief and concession for a sweeter retirement.

Ergonomics Talk

The most common ailment today’s workforce suffers from is back pain. It can be changed through simple lifestyle shifts. Let our experts guide you to correcting them.

Health Talks and Checks

Heart attacks, stress and high blood pressure are some health issues our generation is afflicted with. Let our panel of doctors conduct on-site health screening and provide you with tips on these problems.

Feng Shui Talk

Get advice from some of the most affluent feng shui agencies and transform your lifestyle to achieve your goals and objectives.

Eye Care Talk

Working long hours can be strenuous on your eyes. Let our certified optometrist guide you and your fellow peers to building greater awareness for healthier vision.