Find out the latest updates and make a smart investment with our recommended unit trusts^.

^Subject to UOB's assessment of product suitability for the client.
  • Global
    Funds that invest globally across a full spectrum of geographical regions and/ or asset classes.
  • Asia
    Ride on the growth of Asia with these funds.
  • Multi Asset
  • Equities
    Equity funds aim to achieve capital appreciation and potentially maximise your portfolio returns.
  • Fixed Income
    Funds that are suitable for investors looking for steady income and relatively lower volatility.
  • Dividend
    Strengthen your investment portfolio with funds that offer good dividend potential. When the markets are volatile, these funds become an even more important source of income.
[Updated: January-2015]

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  • Market Analysis & News
    Global financial news and headlines to support your investment decisions.
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  • Unit Trusts
    Access to multiple investment possibilities.
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  • MaxiYield
    Potentially higher interest rates than Fixed Deposits.
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  • Structured Deposits
    Get your Principal guaranteed when you hold your Structured Deposit to maturity.
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