Get up to speed on the financial news that's making headlines around the world and find out how they may affect your investments.
Daily Markets Focus Global Markets | Asian Markets
Daily summary of exchange rate movements, interest rates, bond yields, other key market indices and global economic developments.
Monthly Investment Insights Updates on major events from around the world to help guide your investment decisions.
Weekly FX Focus Summary and analysis of movements in this week's currency markets.
Flash Notes Reports on the latest developments around the world, with insightful analysis.
Quarterly Global Outlook Quarterly summary and analysis of economic developments in Europe, US and Asia.

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  • Smart Investments
    Latest insights to give you the edge in your investments.
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  • Unit Trusts
    Access to multiple investment possibilities.
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  • MaxiYield
    Potentially higher interest rates than Fixed Deposits.
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  • Structured Deposits
    Get your Principal guaranteed when you hold your Structured Deposit to maturity.
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