UOB Portfolio Advisory Tools

If you are like many investors out there, you will often have pressing questions on your mind: Are my investments keeping pace with the evolving market? Can my portfolio stand up to tough times? Am I taking on an appropriate amount of risk for the long-term goals I want to achieve?

Now, you can get ready answers to these questions. Introducing UOB’s Portfolio Advisory Tools – a brand new way to monitor, manage and optimise your wealth portfolio. Designed specially for our wealth management clients, Portfolio Advisory Tools is made up of three complementary tools:




Together, these three tools form a powerful combination that allows you to:

Monitor and track

the performance of your
wealth portfolio

Get insights

into how your portfolio can be optimised to help you better manage risks and returns


in real time, a broad range of product solutions to achieve the best portfolio
for you

With Portfolio Advisory Tools, you will receive actionable recommendations, backed by robust scenario analyses, on the investments you hold. These recommendations are anchored upon UOB’s proprietary Risk First Approach to wealth management, which is about helping you ensure that the risk you take is appropriate to your risk profile and the wealth goals you seek to achieve.

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To qualify for UOB Privilege Banking, you will need to maintain a minimum balance of S$350,000 in deposits and/or investments with us.