Wealth & Succession Planning

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Universal Life

Make plans to leave your legacy for your loved ones or a charitable cause after you pass. We provide financing solutions to ensure your contributions will provide for many generations to come.


Wealth Planning

Set up structures to meet your goals of wealth preservation, including succession planning, asset consolidation or protection, with the provision of our means and expertise.

Features at a glance

Asset Consolidation: Your assets in diverse jurisdictions can be held under a single umbrella, enhancing the ease of dealing with your assets.

Asset Protection: Safeguard your assets against business creditors.

Succession Planning: Your assets can be passed to future generations according to your wishes.

Probate Avoidance: Upon your passing, the public and lengthy court process to obtain a grant of probate or letters of administration can be avoided.

Continuity: Your assets caan be administered seamlessly, without disruption, both during and after your lifetime.

Special Needs: Ensure that your loved ones with special needs are taken care of during and after your lifetime.