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    The UOB Difference

    A unique approach to wealth that puts you first

    The UOB Difference

    A unique approach to wealth that puts you first

The UOB Difference

Our Wealth Approach

We begin by understanding your willingness and ability to take risk. This serves as a guide in ensuring that you take the appropriate amount of risk while working towards your financial goals.

Our proprietary Risk-First approach is designed to assess risks from the outset – from the products and solutions that we develop, curate and offer, to the tools, insights and advice that we avail – to help you make sense of your portfolio and the global investment landscape.

At the same time, we recognise your unique preferences when it comes to how you wish to be engaged. We consider these when developing the content and solutions that we deliver to you, bringing you a variety of short and long-form articles and videos as well as more in-depth webinar discussions. We also continue to invest in our omnichannel capabilities so that you can engage with us at your convenience, both in person as well as digitally.

Our Unique Risk-First Approach

Why It Matters to You

When financial risks are well-managed, you are better positioned to achieve your wealth goals in a sustainable manner.

Our award-winning Risk-First approach enables you to optimise your wealth portfolio according to your risk appetite. With an understanding of your risk tolerance, we can offer appropriate portfolio recommendations based on an optimal mix of our proprietary Core and Tactical strategies.

Our Risk-First approach adopts a simple 3-step perspective to wealth planning:


your existing financial assets through Core strategies – Knowing that your wealth is protected against the unexpected gives you peace of mind.


your assets with Core strategies – Whether it’s to ensure a diversified stream of income or to grow your wealth sustainably, we have options to help you meet your long-term financial goals, including that of retirement.


your assets with Tactical strategies – Capture investment opportunities as they arise and participate in Megatrends that we have identified.

Our Wealth Offerings

Helping You Keep Pace With the Markets

In an age where consumers have individual preferences on how they would like to experience their wealth interactions, our omnichannel approach gives you the choice of how you would like to engage with us on your wealth journey.

What this means is that our bankers are on-hand to advise and guide you on making informed wealth decisions if you prefer to meet face-to-face. At the same time, you have access to a range of wealth solutions and insights available digitally if you wish to self-help online.

In doing so, we strive to bring you a seamless experience as we work alongside you to help you achieve your wealth goals in a sustainable manner.

Experience our Portfolio Advisory Tools (PAT)

Portfolio Advisory Tools is a platform that comprises Portfolio Tracker, Portfolio Insights and our Explorers to monitor, track and optimise your portfolio. You’ll understand how your portfolio is performing or if you are taking too much risk. By evaluating your risk tolerance, we can give you portfolio recommendations based on an optimal mix of our proprietary Core and Tactical strategies.

Build your ideal portfolio with our Explorers
Invest with confidence with UOB Portfolio Explorer. Our Advisors can perform simulations on your portfolio depending on the mix of Mutual Fund and Bond solutions that are picked. This will help you compare volatility and the return trade-offs of having different solutions in your portfolio.

Gain certainty on the coverage you need with UOB Insurance Explorer. Get a consolidated view of all your insurance policies, identify your protection gaps and see how our customised solutions can help you bridge them.

Prefer to explore more on your own time?
You can also try out our Retirement Calculator to find out how much you will need for your retirement. Follow up with a discussion with your UOB Advisor to plan on how you can work towards these goals.

Access timely and relevant market updates and financial advice, empowering you to make informed 
investment decisions.

Insights on-the-go
Keep your finger on the pulse of financial markets, and let us help you sieve out the noise. As your wealth partner, we are committed to keeping you updated on the latest market happenings and investment trends as well as advising you on considerations and next steps you can take as an investor. From bite-sized infographics to digestible videos, we break through technical jargon to bring you easy to understand market updates. Explore our Investment Insights page for meaningful and actionable advice.

Looking for more educational content that is relevant to your life stage and personal financial aspirations? We are pleased to bring you our Managing Your Wealth content hub where you can access a comprehensive suite of financial articles and videos that cover a wide range of topics including investing and insurance. These resources go hand-in-hand with the advisory and solutions that we offer you through our UOB Advisors and team of specialists. Discover a wealth of financial knowledge at your fingertips with our Managing Your Wealth content hub.

Personalised advisory when you need it
Your wealth management conversations begin with your needs and the priorities you have set for yourself and the people who matter to you. These determine your wealth goals and the investment risks you are willing and able to take.

Our UOB Advisor will partner you to build your wealth portfolio and plan your journey towards your wealth goals. Supporting the UOB Advisor is a team of dedicated Product Specialists, who will be providing advice based on your unique financial needs and risk profile.

The team includes:

  • Portfolio Counsellors and Treasury Specialists
  • Bancassurance Specialists
  • Property Specialists

Leverage a realm of intellectual capital and solutions tailored for every stage of your wealth journey

Our suite of international partner providers and extensive range of wealth products and solutions have been rigorously curated, and we integrate this with the local expertise of our in-house investment specialist team to bring you investment and insurance solutions specially developed to help you safeguard, build and enhance your assets.

Discover how you can safeguard your assets with our comprehensive insurance offerings. Our UOB Advisor will work with you to plan for protection against life’s unforeseen events, as well as for your savings, retirement and legacy needs. For the time-starved, being protected from life’s what-ifs can be as simple as signing up for a subscription online. Now you can get insurance coverage in a few easy steps with our all-new SimpleInsure feature on the UOB Mighty app.

Choose to boost your capital sustainably with UOB Capital Builder, or grow your retirement income with UOB Income Builder, both unique solutions to cater to your unique needs. Already know what you are looking for? Visit our Fund Selector page to monitor Unit Trust fund pricings, and just click through to purchase online whenever an opportunity arises.


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