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    Fast, easy and reliable funds transfer


Enjoy fast and secure worldwide transmission of funds with our advanced and integrated payment system

Fee Revision for Personal Banking Remittance Services
Please be informed that the fees for remittances services have been revised with effect from 1 MAY 2008.
For more information, please call us 24-hour, toll-free at 1800 222 212.


We offer the following types of remittance services:


Foreign Cheque Collections

Overseas cheques are forwarded to foreign banks for the collection of proceeds.


Inward Remittances

Automated processing of incoming payments, including the crediting of accounts or other authorised discharge of funds.


Outward Remittances

Outgoing payments that are customer-initiated can be instantaneously transmitted, using telex or the SWIFT network, to a beneficiary with another bank located anywhere in the world.


For more information, please read our Frequently Asked Questions



Online crediting of your account, irrespective of the UOB Group Branch where the account is held, with the Bank's centralised inward processing centre


With UOB's extensive global network, you will enjoy prompt notification of your credits and/or payment of your remittances


Conveniently remit from your home or from any UOB Group branch in Singapore



Rates & Fees



  • You need to be an account holder of the UOB Group
  • For non-account holders, contact any UOB Group Branch


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Outward Remittances Tel: +65 6892 1111

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