The purpose of SGFinDex is to allow customer to aggregate the financial information with other banks to get a consolidated view. The primary use case is to facilitate financial planning.

Citibank, DBS/POSB, HSBC, Maybank, Standard Chartered Bank, OCBC and UOB.

If the bank is not in the list above, it means the bank is not a participant SGFinDex. Customer with banking relationship with those banks, would not be able to use SGFinDex to aggregate their financial data.

Customers will need to have the following.

- A valid SingPass account. Note: Singpass ID (NRIC / FIN) must match with the bank's ID record
- UOB Personal Internet Banking account
- Not an Accredited Investor
If you are a foreigner or have recently received your Singapore Permanent Resident status, you may wish to update your personal particulars with UOB.

You will need to perform an initial setup by providing your consent and link your bank accounts with SGFinDex. You may do so by login into UOB TMRW, go to “Wealth” tab and click on “SGFinDex OneView”.

The consent period lasts for 365 days (including the first day) after the first consent was made.

For illustration, if you had made a consent for UOB to release data to SGFinDex on 1st Jan 2021, and subsequently had made a consent for DBS to release data to SGFinDex on 1st Mar 2021, all consents will expire on 31st Dec 2021. If you were to attempt a data retrieval on 1st Jan 2022, there will be no data retrieved, and you will have to grant your consent again.

I have consented for my banking data to be released, what are these banking data that will be released?

The banking data includes:
- Current and Savings Accounts (Month-end account balance for the last 4 months)
- Fixed Deposits (Month-end account balance for the last 4 months)
- Credit Cards (Last 4 months statement balance)
- Loans (Secured and Unsecured) (Previous month’s statement balance)
- Unit Trusts (Previous month’s account balance)
- Joint Accounts (Any forms of JA e.g AND/OR accounts and Month-end account balance for the last 4 months)

Additionally, the following data from DBS/POSB, OCBC and/or UOB will be available:
- SRS/CPFIS Cash Balance (Previous month’s account balance)
- SRS/CPFIS Investments (e.g. Unit Trusts, Equity, Fund Management, Gold, Fixed
- Deposits, SSB, SGS, SBB) (Previous month’s account balance)

As of today, the MyInfo data released consist of:
- CPF Accounts (OA/MA/SA/RA) – For Singaporeans and PRs only
- Income (Notice of Assessment) – For individuals with income assessment only
- HDB (Outstanding Loan/Loan Instalment Amount) – For individuals with HDB loans only

No. You will not be able to select the banking data that you wish to release.

SGFinDex is currently restricted to releasing selected MyInfo and banking data only.

The CASA data returned by SGFinDex is previous months’ month end data. It is not real time. That is why it can be different from the amount that is shown in PIB.

There are stringent security measures in place to safeguard your personal data that passes through SGFinDex. Your data is encrypted when it is retrieved through SGFinDex and only the financial planning application/website(s) that you have authorised to receive your data is able to decrypt the data. The authentication and authorisation process is underpinned by SingPass.

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