What are the mandatory fields that I need to provide in my TT instruction to the bank?

To ensure that your application is processed promptly, please provide the following information accurately:

  • Your name, address and account number
  • The payment currency code and amount
  • The Receiving Bank/Beneficiary bank's name and address
  • Beneficiary bank's routing code
  • Name of Intermediary bank, if available
  • Beneficiary's account number or IBAN for payments to European countries or United Kingdom
  • Full Beneficiary name


Notes for cross-border remittances going to or through Mainland China:

According to People’s Bank of China (“PBOC”) Document (2018) No. 130, PBOC is imposing regulatory requirements on customer identification for cross-border transfer business.

With effect from 14 December 2018, the following customer identification requirements will apply for cross-border remittance transactions to or through Mainland China. Payment instructions with missing information will be rejected by the Clearing Bank.  For more information, click here.

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