I have just signed my Letter of Offer with UOB. What is my monthly instalment amount and when do I start paying my monthly instalment?

After you have signed your Letter of Offer with UOB, your lawyer will proceed to complete the legal work on the purchase of your property.

Upon loan disbursement, UOB will send you an advice with the following information:

  1. Loan amount disbursed
  2. Your monthly instalment
  3. Your monthly instalment due date

For completed properties, it takes approximately ten weeks from acceptance of the Letter of offer for the loan to be disbursed.

For uncompleted properties on the progressive/deferred payment scheme (for loans accorded the deferred payment scheme prior to 26 Oct 2007), you will receive a disbursement advice to commence monthly instalment for your housing loan when the Bank disburses the loan.

Hence, please ensure your mailing address is updated with the bank.

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