What are some of the precautionary measures that I must take when I use my card at the ATM?

Here are some tips when using an ATM:

  • Be observant - If something about the ATM does not appear normal, cancel your transaction immediately. Confirm with the Bank as soon as possible that the transaction has been cancelled. For your reference, a picture of the ATM card insertion slot is displayed prior to PIN entry at all UOB ATMs.
  • Safety first - Use ATMs in well-lit and safe locations. If you notice anyone suspicious around you, use an ATM in a different location.
  • Keep your PIN confidential - Never share your PIN number with anyone. Cover the hand used to key in your PIN with your other hand. This will reduce the chance of scammers recording your PIN via a hidden camera. Make sure that no one can see you entering your PIN or transaction amount. For added protection, we also encourage you to change the PIN for all your cards regularly.
  • Keep tabs - Keep close tabs on your account activities and report any fraudulent or suspicious withdrawals immediately.
    Please also make sure that you inform the Bank immediately if there are any changes in your particulars.

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