Step-by-Step Guide in Getting a Mortgage

Step-by-step guide in getting a mortgage – Step 3 of 3:

The property hunting process is over and you can start enjoying a new life in your new home. Save for one final step – getting a home loan.

While you are filling out the application form, you will need to decide on the loan amount and the type of home loan package.

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Apply For Your Home Loan

Upon completion of the negotiation process, you will have to decide on which bank to apply to for a home loan. Your home loans specialist will assist you in completing the loan application form and guiding you through the application process. While you are filling in the application form, you will have to decide on the loan amount and type of home loan package.

As a general requirement, you will be asked to provide a number of documents:

Depending on your financial or credit situation, you may be asked to provide other financial documents. Your joint applicant, if any, will also be required to provide his/her documents.

Determine The Right Loan Package For You

Selecting the right home loan package that fits your needs and goals is important. There are many loan packages available in the market. Interest rate is not the only factor that distinguishes one loan package from another. Each type of loan has its advantages and limitations:

Understanding The Loan Documents

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