How time affects your savings

Find out how much of your savings are eroding away over the years with rising inflation.

Purchasing power of your savings diminish by approximately 25.6% over the period illustrated.

Move the timeline and key in your cash savings and expected inflation rate to find out the future value of your savings with increasing inflation costs.

How delays in investing can affect your returns

Find out how much you may potentially be losing out on compounding interest by holding back your investment plans and why the right time to invest is now.

Assuming a fixed rate of return at 3.25%^ compounded annually

Move the timeline and key in your cash savings to see your opportunity cost of investing later.

^3.25% is the updated investment returns used in the Benefit Illustrations for Singapore-dollar denominated insurance Participating ("Par") policiesadopted by Life Insurance Association’s (LIA) (w.e.f. 1 July 2013).