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For the year of:

Unit Trust Date
Termination of Barclays Asian Real Estate Income Fund 24 November 2014
Templeton Global Equity Income Fund - Change in distribution frequency 14 November 2014
Termination of Schroder Global Smaller Companies Fund 12 November 2014
AllianceBernstein Global Growth Trends - Change in Investment Objective and policies 28 October 2014
Termination of Schroder Strategic Bond Fund 27 October 2014
United Global Healthcare Fund - Change in investment sub-manager 24 October 2014
United Global Dividend Balanced Fund - Change in investment focus, approach and underlying funds 22 September 2014
Eastspring Investments Unit Trusts - Global Basics Fund - Delisting from CPFIS 15 September 2014
DWS Global Agribusiness - Change in risk-benchmark 01 September 2014
Schroder Global Smaller Companies - Delisting from CPFIS 29 August 2014
Allianz US High Yield - Introduction of All-in-Fee and Merger of Management Company 01 July 2014
Legg Mason Capital Management Value Fund - Changes in Fund Name, Investment Manager Name and Investment Policy 30 May 2014
United Emerging Markets Bond Fund - Change in investment objective, focus and approach 02 April 2014
United China Strategic Focus Fund - Sale of investment in Sinopipe Holdings Limited 21 March 2014
United Asia Pacific Growth Fund - Change in investment objective 20 March 2014
FTIF Templeton Global Equity Income Fund - Change in investment policy 14 March 2014
Schroder Asian Investment Grade Credit Class A - Change of Distribution Policy 14 February 2014
Notice to Unitholders of Eastspring Investments Funds - Monthly Income Plan - Compliance with Foreign Account Tax Compliance Act 12 February 2014
First State Global Balanced Fund - Notice on changes in investment manager and investment policy 24 January 2014
First State Global Opportunities Fund - Notice on changes in investment manager, investment policy and fund name 24 January 2014
AllianceBernstein American Income Portfolio and AllianceBernstein Global High Yield Portfolio - Notice on changes in investment policy 31 January 2014
Unit Trust Date
Change in distribution date for Schroder Asian Bond Fund 30 November 2012
Change of Dividend Policy for Schroder International Selection Fund 30 November 2012
Increase in Management Company fees of underlying funds for selected Aberdeen Funds 28 November 2012
Change in sub-management of the underlying fund for First State Regional India Fund 04 December 2012
Change in Fidelity Fund - South East Asia - Class A Share 25 October 2012
Withdrawal of United Millennium I/II/III Fund from CPFIS 02 November 2012
Termination of Lyxor Oracle Series - The S&P All Stars Global Income Fund (SGD) 29 October 2012
Schroder Asian Income - Redesignation of Units 12 October 2012
First State Bridge - Change in benchMarchk data source 01 October 2012
Termination of Lyxor Oracle Series _ The S&P All Stars Global Income Fund (SGD) 28 September 2012
Closure of Barclays Bonus Select Income Fund (USD) 29 June 2012
United Renminbi Bond Fund - Conversion to a feeder fund 13 July 2012
Reduction in sales charge for Eastspring Investments _ Asian High Yield Bond Fund 13 July 2012
Withdrawal of United Global Real Estate Securities Fund from CPFIS 07 September 2012
Termination of Schroder Active Strategies Portfolio (SGD/USD) 19 September 2012
Special dividend distribution for United Emerging Marchkets Bond Fund 24 September 2012
Termination of United Global Bond Fund (S$) 28 September 2012
FTIF Franklin Mutual Beacon Fund - Change in investment policy 23 May 2012
Changes in the BenchMarchk of Eastspring Investments Funds - Monthly Income Plan 20 April 2012
Merger of AllianzGI US High Yield Fund into Allianz US High Yield SGD-Hedged Fund 15 May 2012
United Asian Bond Fund - Special Dividend Distribution for 2012 02 May 2012
Changes in the structure of Fidelity Funds 24 April 2012
Change of Fund Names for selected UOBAM funds 30 April 2012
AllianceBernstein Funds - Change in definition of Business Day 09 January 2012
Changes to DB Commodity USD and DB Commodity EUR indices 17 January 2012
Distribution Rates For PRU Monthly Income Plan (Class A & Class M) 20 January 2012
Schroder Dynamic Allocation Fund - Change in Investment Approach 16 February 2012
Schroder Asian Bond Fund - Update of Investment Objective and Change of BenchMarchk 17 February 2012
Schroder Funds - Changes in Distribution Policies 20 February 2012
Schroder International Selection Fund Global Emerging Marchket Opportunities - Changes in Investment objective and policy 01 March 2012
Change in Singapore Representative for PIMCO Funds 27 February 2012
Changes in Schroder International Selection Fund Asian Bond Absolute Return 01 March 2012

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