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    Prepare your loved ones for life’s milestones

    Get 16.18% p.a. on your 1-month SGD Fixed Deposit and up to S$800 vouchers when you purchase an insurance plan*.

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You’ve dedicated a lifetime to achieving your goals, and have built precious relationships in that time. At the summit of your life, it is only befitting that you start relishing the fruits of your labour.

There is no better time to plan for your retirement than now, to enjoy the best time of your life – your golden years – free of financial worries.

Learn more about our comprehensive suite of retirement solutions, so you have more time to do what you love, with those who matter most.


Did you know?


Only 36%* of Singaporeans
aged between 40 to 60
think they can afford to retire comfortably?


30%* expects to downgrade
their lifestyle when retired?


PRUlifetime income/PRUlifetime income premier

Enjoy a comfortable retirement with financial certainty

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PRUcash secure

Have the flexibility of shorter premium payment terms and yearly cash payouts

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PRUgolden retirement

Regular stream of income for your retirement with protection against unforeseen events

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✔ A lifetime of regular income from as early as the 2nd Policy Anniversary

  Choice of 4, 10 or 20 years premium payment term for Prulifetime income or opt for the convenience of a single premium plan with PRUlifetime income premier

✔ Hassle free sign-up without medical underwriting

✔ Options to receive yearly cash payouts from the 5th Policy Anniversary or accumulate for a bigger sum

✔ 15-year policy term with premium payment term of only 5 years

✔ Hassle free sign-up without medical underwriting

✔ Enjoy a stable monthly income for 10, 15 or 20 years to supplement your retirement needs

✔ Choice of flexible premium payment terms

✔ Hassle free sign-up without medical underwriting


Ensure capital remains intact in the long term

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PRUsave max 10

Pay 5 years of premiums and collect a lump sum after 10 years

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✔ Financial flexibility that allows wealth accumulation over a longer horizon, with the option to withdraw your money when the need arises

✔ Choice of 5, 10 or 20 years premium payment term

✔ Hassle free sign-up without medical underwriting

✔ Short premium payment term of 5 years for a 10-year policy term

✔ Complete your premium commitment in 5 years and the Automatic Premium Benefit pays for the remaining 5 years

✔ Hassle free sign-up without medical underwriting

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