UOB Absolute Cashback Card

  • UOB Absolute Cashback CardUOB Absolute Cashback Card

    Absolutely Simple
    Introducing the UOB Absolute Cashback Card.

    1.7% limitless cashback.
    No minimum spend. No spend exclusions.

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About The Card

A great idea for cashback, made simple. 1.7% limitless cashback. no minimum spend. no spend exclusions
A great idea for cashback, made simple. 1.7% limitless cashback. no minimum spend. no spend exclusions

Please refer to terms and conditions and FAQs for details.

Welcome bonus: S$150 cashback!

For new-to-UOB Credit Cardmembers, apply and spend by 30 September 2021 to get 5% cashback (equivalent to S$150) on your first S$3,000 spend.


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T&Cs apply.

Welcome bonus: S$150 cashback!

For new-to-UOB Credit Cardmembers, apply and spend by 30 September 2021 to get 5% cashback (equivalent to S$150) on your first S$3,000 spend.


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T&Cs apply.


Cashback on everything? Absolutely.


Enjoy 1.7% limitless cashback with no spend exclusions across your daily spend and the following categories such as wallet top-ups, insurance premiums and everything else!



Pay your premiums.

School Fees

School Fees

Settle your fees for academic institutions, courses, tuitions and more.

Wallet Top-Ups

Wallet Top-Ups

Top up your mobile or e-wallets.



Pay for your medical and hospital bills.

Utilities & Telco Bills

Utilities & Telco Bills

Consolidate your recurring bill payments.



Make rental payment.


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Other Benefits

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  • Interest free monthly instalments with low one time processing fee
  • Flexible payments over 3, 6, 12 months
  • Fast and hassle-free application via Personal Internet Banking, online form or SMS

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Instant, convenient and timely. Apply for UOB Personal Loan online now, and enjoy a low interest of 3.68% p.a. (EIR 7.21% p.a .) with up to S$600 cash rebate.

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Eligibility and requirements

Minimum 21 years old

For Singapore Citizens and Permanent Residents

  • Minimum annual income of S$30,000 is required OR
  • Fixed Deposit collateral of at least S$10,000#

For Foreigners

  • Minimum annual income of S$80,000 is required OR
  • Fixed Deposit collateral of at least S$10,000#


Documents required: Click here.


#Terms and conditions apply. Please visit UOB Branches for more information on secured card applications. Supporting documents (NRIC or passport) will be required.


Principal Card
S$192.60* yearly
First year card fee waiver


Supplementary Card
First card free
S$96.30* for subsequent cards


*Inclusive of Singapore’s prevailing Goods and Services Tax (GST)

"No spend exclusions" does not include NETS transactions made with the UOB Absolute Cashback Card.

For full UOB Absolute Cashback Card terms and conditions, visit here.

For terms and conditions regarding Welcome Bonus, visit here.

American Express is a trademark of American Express. The UOB Absolute Cashback American Express® Card is issued by United Overseas Bank Limited pursuant to a license from American Express.

Q1 What are the key features of the UOB Absolute Cashback Card?

Enjoy 1.7% limitless cashback on your spend with no minimum spend, no cap on cashback earned and no spend exclusions. Visit uob.com.sg/absolutetncs for details.

Once you have received your UOB Absolute Cashback Card, visit uob.com.sg/activate to activate and start using your card.

Q2 What transactions are eligible for cashback?

Transactions at all merchants who accept American Express credit card payments are eligible for cashback.

However, it does not include NETS and NETS-related transactions, 0% Instalment Payment Plans, SmartPay, Personal Loans, balance/funds transfers, cash advances, any fees and/or charges (including without limitation, late payment charges, interest charges, annual or monthly fees or charges, service fees or processing fees) imposed by UOB.

Q3 How is my cashback calculated?

Your cashback is computed based on the total value of transactions successfully charged and posted within your credit card statement period.

Cashback earned for current statement period will be credited to the principal card account and reflected in the next statement to automatically offset any billed amount for your UOB Absolute Cashback Card account in that same statement. The cashback earned will be rounded to the nearest two decimal places, reflected in statement with transaction description "UOB Absolute Cashback", no redemption of cashback is required.

Example: Your billing cycle is 10th of every month and you spent S$99 on 11 May

Credit Card statement dated 10 Jun Credit Card statement dated 10 Jul
S$99 transaction on 11 May posted to statement Cashback earned of S$1.68 (S$99 x 1.7%) credited into statement

Q4 I have a reversal of my transaction on the UOB Absolute Cashback Card. What happens to my cashback?

In the event of any cancelled, disputed and/or reversed transactions, you will need to make incremental spend to offset the reversed transaction amount in order to continue earning Cashback.

Q5 Will there be any scenarios for my cashback to be disqualified?

The Card shall only be used for your own legitimate and genuine personal expenses and shall not be used for commercial or other non-personal expenses.

UOB may deduct, re-compute, withdraw, forfeit and/or cancel any Cashback earned and/or awarded and/or cancel and terminate your Card, without giving any reason or prior notice or assuming any liability to you, if:

  1. spending on your Card account is deemed by UOB in its sole and absolute discretion to be for commercial, illegitimate, not genuine, commercial and/or non-personal purposes;
  2. your Card account is not in good standing and not conducted in a proper and satisfactory manner at any time as determined by UOB in its sole discretion;
  3. your Card account is overdue;
  4. UOB deems in its sole discretion that there is an abuse of the Cashback programme (whether via unusual, illegitimate, and/or not genuine transaction activities or otherwise);
  5. relevant Cashback was not earned from qualifying spend; or
  6. for any other reason that UOB may determine in its sole discretion.

No payment or compensation in respect of such deduction, re-computation, withdrawal or cancellation will be made.

Q6 Are there any sign up promotion?

Yes, all new to UOB principal Credit Cardmembers will get 5% (equivalent to S$150) on their first S$3,000 spend when they apply and spend on the UOB Absolute Card by 30 September 2021 (date inclusive).

Note – New to UOB principal Credit Cardmember are defined as customers who have not held a UOB credit card as a principal cardholder within the 6-month period prior to 4 May 2021 (date inclusive).

The 5% cashback consists of:

  1. a one-time bonus cashback of 3.3% on the first S$3,000 worth of Transactions successfully charged to your Eligible Card within the Promotion Period (the "Bonus Cashback"); and
  2. the base cashback of 1.7% on all Transactions successfully charged to your Eligible Card

For more details, please visit uob.com.sg/absoluteacq.

Q7 Can I use my UOB Absolute Cashback Card for contactless payments?

Yes, all UOB American Express Cards are eligible for contactless payments except for mobile contactless payments (eg Apple Pay, Google Pay, Samsung Pay, etc, are not enabled).

Q8 Where do I find the CVV code on my UOB Absolute Cashback Card for online payments?

Please key in the 4-digit Card Security Code that is printed on the front of your UOB Absolute Cashback Card when making online payments.