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As your priorities and lifestyle change, you may reassess your financial commitments, and your home loan needs may evolve as well. With careful research and smart financial planning, you will find it easy to manage your home loan and make the most out of it. At UOB, we are committed to helping you along the way. Here are some information that you may find helpful when it comes to your property equity loan.

Property Equity Financing

As you repay your mortgage, you will gradually build up equity in your property. The equity built up over time can be used to obtain funds for cash flow needs.


  • Borrow against the equity in your property when you need cash on hand for whatever needs that arise.
  • Manage your finances with more certainty if you know exactly how much you need to borrow, as you can repay the term loan comprising of the loan principal and interest on a monthly basis.

Take advantage of lower interest rates and make the most out of the enhanced value of your property today.

Reviewing your Property Loan

Keeping your costs in check
Choose from our three packages that offer you different solutions to meet your needs.
Depending on which package suits you better, you may reprice your existing home loan to any of the following rates.

  • Fixed Interest Rates
    Your prevailing interest rate will be fixed for 2 or 3 years, which will be followed by Mortgage Board Rate-pegged interest rate thereafter. During the fixed rate period, your monthly instalment amount will protected from market interest rate fluctuations as it will be fixed and not be affected by volatile market conditions.
  • Floating Rates
    Your prevailing interest rate will be pegged to the bank’s Mortgage Board Rate, and may be revised (with 30 days’ notice). This rate is managed by the bank and is generally more stable than a SORA-pegged rate package. It is published at This option offers you flexibility to make capital prepayments to reduce your monthly instalments or help you pay off your loan earlier.
  • SIBOR-pegged Rates
    SIBOR is a transparent benchmark rate that is pegged to the 3-month SIBOR. Your prevailing loan interest rate (SIBOR + bank determined fixed spread) will be reviewed on a 3-months basis and will vary in accordance to market conditions, which may be volatile. Your monthly instalment rises immediately when 3-month SIBOR rises.

If you wish to review your home loan, contact our Mortgage Relations team.

Other Common Requests

Got more questions about your home loan? Here are some frequently asked questions:

You can find out more about your loan with the Bank through:

  1. UOB Personal Internet Banking;
  2. Call Centre from 8am - 8pm at 1800 388 2121; or
  3. Contacting our Home Loan Specialists at any UOB branches

After you have signed your Letter of Offer with UOB, your lawyer will proceed to complete the legal work on the purchase of your property.

Upon loan disbursement, UOB will send you an advice with the following information:

  1. Loan amount disbursed
  2. Your monthly instalment
  3. Your monthly instalment due date

For completed properties, it takes approximately ten weeks from acceptance of the Letter of offer for the loan to be disbursed.

For uncompleted properties on the progressive/deferred payment scheme (for loans accorded the deferred payment scheme prior to 26 Oct 2007), you will receive a disbursement advice to commence monthly instalment for your housing loan when the Bank disburses the loan.

Hence, please ensure your mailing address is updated with the bank.

  • For Private Property Loan, it is due on the 1st day of each month.
  • For HDB Home Loan, it is due on the 15th day of each month.
  • Your due date will be rescheduled to the next business date if the payment due date falls on a Saturday, Sunday or Public holiday.
  • CPF (not allowed for Property Equity Loan)
  • Deduct from your pre-designated UOB bank account

Please check your Letter of Offer for any prepayment penalty clause and charges before proceeding with the prepayment.

  • You will have to:
    • Prepay via Direct Debit from designated UOB account or CPF. Find out more about using CPF for monthly instalment as outlined in the Frequently Asked Question 8.

You can:

  1. refer to your Letter of Offer ;
  2. check with our Home Loan Specialist at any UOB Group branch; or
  3. contact our Call Centre from 8am - 8pm at 1800 388 2121.

Please submit your written instruction to:

A processing fee will be charged by the Bank and your request is subject to approval.

  1. You can do this by informing your lawyer of your intention to use your CPF funds to service your home loan at the point of your loan application.
  2. If you missed this at the point of your loan application, please engage a lawyer to write to the CPF Board for approval and obtain approval from the Bank that you will be using your CPF funds to service your monthly instalments through your Home Loans Specialist at any UOB branches.
  3. Please also be aware that all legal costs will be borne by you and there will also be a processing fee that will be charged by the Bank.
  4. For more information, consult CPF Board or visit for further clarifications.

After deducting the CPF contribution received, any balance outstanding will be deducted from your pre-designated UOB bank account.

You will have to:

  1. Submit the completed Capital Partial Prepayment Form to Bank.
  2. Submit request to CPF Board. For details, please visit CPF Board website.
  3. Serve a one month written notice to the Bank.

The Bank reserves the right to refund the CPF monies if there is no prepayment instruction.

Please also check your Letter of Offer for any prepayment penalty clause and charges before proceeding with the prepayment.

Follow these steps if you are selling your property or paying off with your own funds:

  1. Check your Letter of Offer for any applicable fees/refunds to be made to the Bank
  2. Serve the Bank two months' written notice or pay two months’ interest in lieu of notice
  3. Appoint a lawyer to discharge the mortgage (note that all legal fees are to be borne by you)
  4. Liaise with your Insurance provider if you wish to terminate your Fire Insurance policy

Do note that any prepayment requests pending or served will be cancelled.

It has been our pleasure serving you and we hope to assist you in your next home ownership journey.

If you are refinancing to another bank, save time and effort of refinancing and contact our Mortgage Relations Managers for a customised solution.


Please instruct your lawyer to write to the Bank to discharge the mortgage. Your title deed/e-title deed will be returned and all legal fees are to be borne by you.

It has been our pleasure serving you and we hope to assist you in your next home ownership journey.

Keen to tap on the equity in your property to help you achieve your financial needs and goals?

You may consider a property equity loan. Contact us for an assessment today.

You can update your particulars by completing the form and mail it back to the Bank or submit to any of the UOB Group branches. Ensure that all borrowers sign on the form.

You will receive an annual loan statement (as at 31 December of the year) at the beginning of the following year. For duplicate copies, additional fees will apply.

In the event that you do not receive your annual loan statement, please call our Call Centre from 8am - 8pm at 1800 388 2121 or check with our Home Loan Specialist at any UOB Group Branches.

More Information

  • The loan repayment schedule for the loan package that you have chosen is available in either hard copy (on request) or soft copy in the form of a home loan calculator on the bank's website.
  • The Association of Banks in Singapore's (ABS) Consumer Guide on Home Loans is available and you are encouraged to get a copy from the bank and read it before committing to a loan. This guide is also available on the MoneySENSE and ABS websites in four official languages.

This publication is strictly for information purposes only and shall not be transmitted, disclosed, copied or relied upon by any person for whatever purpose. This publication is not an offer, recommendation, solicitation or advice to buy or sell any investment product. Nothing in this document constitutes accounting, legal, regulatory, tax, financial or other advice. You should consult your own professional advisors about issues discussed herein. While the information provided in this publication is believed to be accurate as at the date of publishing, UOB makes no representation or warranty, and accepts no responsibility or liability for its completeness or accuracy.