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    Plus, apply online and get up to S$2,150* of rewards upon your home loan acceptance.


    *Terms and conditions apply.

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    1Terms and conditions apply.


Enjoy a total home solution with us. Our HDB Home Loan is designed to give you competitive interest savings, flexibility, convenience and a host of other benefits to answer your every need.


UOB HDB Home Loan Promotion

Settle in comfortably with our attractive home loan package which gives you interest savings through a promotional interest rate, cash rebate of up to S$1,650 when you refinance, and the flexibility to partially pay down your loan at any time. On top of that, enjoy a free package conversion if the Mortgage Rate increases within the first two years of the loan disbursement. Terms and conditions apply.

So go on, make yourself at home with up to S$2,150* of rewards upon your home loan acceptance.

Accepted Loan Reward for New Purchase Reward for Refinance
S$300,000 to S$500,000 S$300
 TANGS Gift Card
S$1,650 Cash Rebate + S$300 TANGS Gift Card
Total Value = S$1,950
>S$500,000 S$500 
TANGS Gift Card
S$1,650 Cash Rebate + S$500 TANGS Gift Card
Total Value = S$2,150

*Terms and Conditions:

  • This Promotion is not valid with third part referral. Letter of offer issued by UOB in connection with the UOB HDB Home Loan has to be accepted by 30 April 2019.
  • UOB may vary these terms or suspend or terminate the Promotion without giving any notice. Full terms and conditions governing the UOB HDB Home Loan Refinancing Campaign apply.



Get the loan amount you need

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A bridging loan for a smoother transition

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Attractive interest rates and benefits

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  • Enjoy a loan of up to 75% of the purchase price of your new or resale HDB flat, or the valuation of your new home, whichever is lower.

    If you are purchasing a New flat, you can check out the prices at the HDB website. Alternatively, if you are intending to purchase a Resale flat, you can get a quick price estimate from recent HDB resale transactions.|

    It is so easy to qualify for our UOB HDB Home Loan. You can apply even if you:
    • own a private property
    • have a monthly total household income of more than S$8,000
    • are not upgrading to a bigger flat
    • have previously enjoyed HDB Concessionary Loan rates

  In fact, you can apply for a UOB HDB Home Loan even if you qualify for HDB Concessionary Loan.


  • If you are expecting proceeds from the sale of your existing property, we can provide a bridging loan to help you make the necessary downpayment first. That way, you will not miss the chance to own your dream home.
  • If you are planning to sell your current flat, please visit the HDB website and find out how to get a valuation on your property. For an estimate on current market prices, you can get a good estimate from recent HDB resale transactions.


  • UOB offers a full suite of competitive interest rates. You can choose from our wide range of fixed-rate packages, floating-rate packages, or even a combination of them.

Terms and conditions apply

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Click on "APPLY NOW" to apply for a new UOB Home Loan with forms pre-filled by retrieving your personal information with MyInfo. Applications submitted between 8.30am to 9pm daily will be processed instantly. Applications received outside these times will be processed the next working day.  

For Foreigners and U.S. Persons:
Please leave us with your details so we can contact and assist you.

1Instant approval refers to a conditional approval for a UOB Property Loan, and is granted based on the information provided by the applicant. It is processed and approved by UOB, and is subject to the applicable terms and conditions, including the necessary documentation verification and completion.

More Information

  • The Board Rate (BR) quoted is applicable only for the loan package that you are interested in (eg. HDB flat financing at fixed rate). The financial indicator(s) against which that BR is benchmarked, such as the SIBOR, Prime Rate or CPF rate, will also be disclosed.
  • The BR offered for your loan package may be different from BRs offered to other customers for different loan packages.
  • The BR can be changed by the bank anytime, by giving 30 days' notice, depending on market conditions and/or changes in the financial indicator(s) against which the BR is benchmarked. This 30-day notice requirement does not apply to home loans benchmarked against market indices.
  • The loan repayment schedule for the loan package that you have chosen is available in either hard copy (on request) or soft copy in the form of a home loan calculator on the bank's website.
  • The Association of Banks in Singapore's (ABS) Consumer Guide on Home Loans is available and you are encouraged to get a copy from the bank and read it before committing to a loan. This guide is also available on the MoneySENSE and ABS websites in four official languages