Fees and Charges Guide for
UOB Personal Singapore & Overseas Mortgage Loans
United Overseas Bank Limited • Far Eastern Bank Limited

Append below is a summary of some of the bank’s standard fees and charges applicable for UOB Personal Mortgage loans customers: The fees payable are subject to change and are set by the Bank in its absolute discretion from time to time.



a) Default Interest

In addition to Default Interest payable under clause 5 of the Standard Terms and Conditions Governing Credit Facilities, an additional $80 (in the relevant loan currency, except for loans in JPY *) shall be levied on each late repayment of a monthly installment.

*JPY 8,000 will apply for loans in JPY
b) Safekeeping charges on title deeds after full repayment of loan
A charge of S$500 per year (or part thereof on a pro rate basis) shall be imposed for the safekeeping of title deeds upon expiry of 14 days grace period from date of full repayment of loan or discharge of the mortgage security documents, whichever is earlier.
c) Rescheduling of redemption date
In addition to compliance with the requisite notice period to be given in writing, a fee of S$300 shall be payable for each rescheduling request made within the redemption notice period for another redemption date.
d) Loan Statement

For Current Year - no charge 

For Previous Years - S$50/ per year (GST included)
e) Variation in the interest rates or conversion of interest rates for any facility.
Subject to the Bank’s prevailing administrative fee for variation of interest rates.
f) Changes in loan structure (Singapore Property Loans)

An administrative fee of S$200 – S$1000 is applicable  for any requests including but not limited to the following requests:

  • Change in the names of persons who will be parties  to the Credit Facilities and/or the Security documents;
  • Change in the tenor of any loan &/or overdraft facility forming part of the Credit Facilities;
  • Change in the currency of any facility; and/or
  • Usage of Central Provident Fund savings for payment of the monthly loan installments and/or partial prepayments of any facility where such requests are made subsequent to the first disbursement of the Credit Facilities or part thereof.
g) Changes in loan structure (Overseas Property  Loans)
  1. Save as set out in (b) below, a fee of S$200 is applicable for any request including but not limited to:
    1. Change in names of borrower(s) and/or mortgagor(s);
    2. Change in loan tenor.
  2. A fee of S$1,000 is applicable for any change in loan currency after disbursement has been made.
h) Administration Fee for Non-UOI Fire Insurance
S$200 per year
i) Secured Overdraft (SGD) Annual Fee
S$150 per year
j) Any other charges:      
  1. Additional preliminary redemption statement with no change in completion date

  2. Cancellation  of Cashier’s   Order already issued by the Bank & reissuance of Cashier’s Order

  3. Change of Constant Monthly Installment (MI)  to Normal MI
  1. Customer is entitled to receive 1 free Preliminary & 1 free Final Redemption Statement.  A fee of S$100 shall be chargeable on each request for additional preliminary redemption statement.

  2. A fee of S$100 shall be chargeable per Cashier’s Order.

  3. A fee of S$300 shall be chargeable for each request to change Constant Monthly Installment to Normal  Monthly installment.


Any fees and charges including the above are subject to changes by the Bank in its absolute discretion from time to time.