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Meet the UOB
Junior Explorers
Arthur the
Art Explorer
Arthur the Art Explorer
Arthur is a shy boy who loves to paint. He prefers to express himself through his paintings, and is also a good listener. Arthur dreams of becoming a globetrotting artist one day where he can paint the sights and scenes from different countries that he’ll be exploring.
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Gaia the
Gaia the Environmentalist
Gaia loves animals and nature. She has green fingers and is very good at gardening and making plants grow. She cares about the environment very much and rallies her family and friends to reduce, reuse and recycle whenever they can.
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Weber the
Weber the Programmer
Weber is a young programming prodigy. He is skilled at coding programmes and sharing helpful tips that protect internet users from online criminals and other online security dangers. He is a bubbly character who likes to share his knowledge with as many people as possible.
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Penny the
Smart Saver
Penny the Smart Saver
Penny is obsessed with numbers and her favourite subject is Math. She is constantly planning how to use and save her allowances to maximise her savings (even if it means giving up a toy purchase!). Penny hopes to save enough to travel to space with her family one day.
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Digital Space
UOB My Digital Space is a regional education programme to bridge the digital divide for students from disadvantaged backgrounds and build digitally-inclusive communities.

Through UOB My Digital Space, these students are equipped with digital learning tools, skills and other knowledge resources to navigate their future.
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