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UOB Rewards Plus
Rewards you with so much more!

Whenever you spend with your UOB Card, every HK$1 you spend will earn you UNI$. Not only can you convert UNI$ into Asia Miles™, you can also be rewarded with "Cash Rebate" and many more fabulous gifts.


Asia Miles - 07608
Every UNI$12 can be converted into 1 Asia Mile. Save them up to get free tickets, flight upgrades and other exciting rewards.

Cash Rebate* - 07100
You can also turn your UNI$ into cash. Every UNI$200 can be turned into HK$1 cash credit.


Other Fabulous Gifts
Redeem all the gifts you could imagine, all year round, with your UNI$! Choose from a wide range of offers on lifestyle and coupons.

Your UNI$ Details
Simply refer to your monthly statement or call our Customer Service Hotline at (852) 2209 3333 for your UNI$ details.

*Not applicable to New York Life Visa Cardmembers


Gift Items

Coupon Plus
St. Honore Cake Shop One Dozen Cake Coupon (HK $45.6)




Café de Coral HK$10 Cash Voucher



Café de Coral HK$50 Cash Voucher


HK$100 New York Life Insurance Premium Coupon
HK$100 Wellcome Shopping Voucher
HK$100 PARKnSHOP Gift Coupon
HK$100 city'super Cash Coupon


HK$50 The Spaghetti House Cash Coupon

HK$100 The Spaghetti House Cash Coupon


HK$50 SOGO Gift Certificate


HK$100 SOGO Gift Certificate


Redemption Methods

Credit Card Phone Enquiry System
To gain access to your UOB Card information and redeem your UNI$, please call our Customer Service Hotline at (852) 2209 3333 or (852) 2209 3000 (for UOB Visa Platinum Cardmembers) to apply for your Credit Card Phone Enquiry Service.

How To Redeem Via Credit Card Phone Enquiry System
Step 1: Call our Customer Service Hotline at (852) 2209 3333 or (852) 2209 3000 (for UOB Visa Platinum Cardmembers).
Step 2: Select your language preference.
Step 3: Press "4" to select UOB Rewards Plus Redemption.
Step 4: Enter 16 digits of your UOB Card number and system informs you of the current UNI$ in your account.
Step 5: Input the "Gift Code" of your choice of gift.
Step 6: Input the quantity that you want and system reconfirms the redemption order with you. Please wait for system to process your redemption request.

You may also redeem the gift of your choice by downloading the Rewards Plus Redemption Form (PDF: 1.41MB), fill it up and fax it to us. (You need Adobe Acrobat Reader to view the form. To download a copy, click here)

Another option is to request for a copy of the form by calling (852) 2209 3333 or 2209 3000 (for UOB Visa Platinum). You can return it to us via fax at (852) 2907 9366 or mail it to:

UOB Card Centre
P. O. Box 54803
North Point Post Office
Hong Kong

Upon successful redemption, Cardmembers will receive a gift redemption letter within 6 weeks which details the gift redemption venues and other information.

Terms & Conditions
1. "UOB Rewards Plus" is applicable to Principal and Supplementary Cardmembers (hereinafter called "UOB Cardmembers") of UOB Visa, UOB Visa Gold, UOB Visa Platinum, New York Life Visa, HKYLP Visa, HKYLP Visa Gold and UOB Visa Infinite (hereinafter called "UOB Cards").
2. The bonus UNI$ are valid until December 31, 2008 for gift redemption. The validity of normal UNI$ is 1 year, counted from the last annual renewal month to the next annual renewal month.
3. Only retail transaction including PowerCash is eligible for earning UNI$ while cash advance, transaction including Balance Transfer, ePOWERCash, ePOWERCash Plus, TaxSmart, Flexible Instalment and all Bank Charges and Fees are excluded.
4. The UNI$ earned by the Supplementary Cardmembers of UOB Cards will be consolidated into the Principal Cardmembers' accounts of UOB Cards automatically. The redemption of UNI$ must be completed by the Principal Cardmembers of UOB Cards.
5. For UOB Cardmembers who hold more than one UOB Card account, the UNI$ of respective UOB Card accounts cannot be combined for redemptions. The required UNI$ will be deducted from the designated UOB Card accounts.
6. The accumulated UNI$ of UOB Cardmembers cannot be transferred to other persons or accounts.
7. Upon acceptance of the redemption form, the required UNI$ will be deducted from the Principal Cardmembers' designated UOB Card accounts and will be clearly shown on the next monthly Card statement. If the accumulated UNI$ of the designated UOB Card accounts is insufficient for the redemption, such redemption form will then be automatically cancelled.
8. UOB Cardmembers should complete the "UOB Rewards Plus" redemption form for redemption application submission.
9. UOB Cardmembers must enroll for Asia Miles membership in order to convert and redeem Asia Miles from the designated UOB Card accounts.
10. A non-refundable annual administration fee of HK$100 will be charged once UOB Cardmembers have registered Asia Miles membership with the designated UOB Card accounts. UOB Cardmembers should inform UOB Card Centre in writing if in case of terminating their Asia Miles conversion; otherwise, the annual administration fee of HK$100 will be deducted from their designated UOB Card accounts automatically in every 12 months.
11. A minimum of 500 Asia Miles is required for each conversion from UNI$ to Asia Miles and it must be converted in the multiple of 500 Asia Miles.
12. Asia Miles membership can be applied over the Asia Miles website, Please allow 4 to 6 weeks for miles conversion.
13. For the conversion of Asia Miles, Asia Miles will be credited into the designated Asia Miles account based on the registered name and Asia Miles account number stated on the redemption form. UOB Cardmember and Asia Miles account holder should be the same person.Transfer of Asia Miles to other Asia Miles members' accounts is not allowed.
14. No cancellation or amendment will be allowed once UNI$ is converted into Asia Miles.
15. For more details of Asia Miles, please visit
16. UOB Cardmembers must fill in their names and Asia Miles membership numbers on the redemption forms for the conversion of Asia Miles. UOB Card Centre will not be responsible for any loss due to the incorrect information provided by the UOB Cardmembers.
17. The terms and conditions of "UOB Rewards Plus" and Asia Miles are both applicable.
18. UOB Cardmembers can only convert their UNI$ into Cash Rebate once a month.
19. For Cash Rebate, UOB Cardmembers are required to convert to a minimum of HK$30 each time.
20. The maximum amount of Cash Rebate for UOB Cardmembers is HK$10,000 per annum.
21. UOB Cardmembers should have a valid UOB Card account with normal credit status, otherwise their redemption applications will be cancelled.
22. UOB Card Centre reserves the right to cancel the redemption in case of suspicion of fraudulent cases. And all the credited redemption will be automatically debited from the respective UOB Card accounts.
23. The redemption order cannot be exchanged for other item(s).
24. UOB Card Centre does not warrant the quality of the products or services provided by the participating merchant(s). The participating merchant(s) also does not represent UOB Card Centre and shall be solely responsible for all effects and consequences of the products.
25. If the business(es) of the participating merchant(s) no longer render(s), the respective promotional offer(s) will be automatically terminated.
26. UOB Card Centre and the participating merchant(s) reserve the right to alter the terms and conditions herein with reasonable notice to UOB Cardmembers who will be bound by such alterations unless the UOB Cards are returned to UOB Card Centre for cancellation before the date upon which any alteration is to take effect. In case of any dispute, the decisions of UOB Card Centre and the participating merchant(s) shall be final.
27. Should there be any discrepancy between the English and Chinese versions, the English version shall prevail.


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