Foreign Currency Fixed Deposit

Enjoy competitive interest rates when you open a Foreign Currency Fixed Deposit account with UOB. Select from a wide range of foreign currencies to invest in.


  • A minimum placement amount is required depending on the type of currency, with amounts starting from as low as S$8,000 for major foreign currencies
  • Non-resident businesses intending to open an account will require an introducer


  • Flexible investment periods, ranging from one week to 12 months
  • Low minimum deposit required to enjoy the attractive returns
  • Easy management of your account as your fixed deposit is automatically renewed for the same period upon maturity at prevailing interest rate at the time of automatic renewal (unless otherwise instructed)
  • Generally, Foreign Currency Fixed Deposits offer higher interest rates than a Singapore Dollar Fixed Deposit. Thus, you can potentially reap higher returns in terms of higher interest rates or tax-exempt capital gains if the exchange rates move in your favour*
  • If you have global trading ties, the Foreign Currency Fixed Deposit can also help you manage multi-currency cash flows, and in hedging exchange risk exposures arising from foreign currency payments

    * The effective earnings on your fixed deposits are subject to foreign exchange fluctuations.

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