Jane Prakaipetchara

Vice President, Human Resources, Talent and Organisational Development Team

Where colleagues are family too

Five years on from her first day with UOB, Jane has grown her career in Human Resources and ties with the people who have made it possible. Find out more about Jane’s experience in the video below, and what it means to her to excel in a place that feels like a second home.


This is where I feel at home and at my best

Jane Prakaipetchara
Vice President, Talent Management
Talent and Organisational Development Team

I am Jane. I am the Vice President of Talent Management within the Talent and Organisational Development Team of UOB Thailand.

I have been with UOB Thailand almost five years now.

I started my career as an HR Business Partner, where I was involved in HR end-to-end processes.

When the vacancy in Talent Management came up, my manager saw that I have the transferrable skills essential for this new role, and believed that I was ready for a new challenge.

UOB is a place that encourages internal mobility, where employees can expand their capabilities and breadth of their professional experiences.

My managers here are my mentors who truly care about how I am doing.

There’s an open-door policy, so anyone can easily pop by their managers’ desks to discuss their progress or to ask for help.

UOB puts a lot of thought into helping employees better manage our work and our life outside of it.

For example, there’s the Flexi2 programme that allows all full-time employees to request 2 hours’ paid time-off every month to attend to personal matters.

This gives me a lot more time to focus on other important things beside work, like getting home in time to have dinner with my parents, or to go to a yoga class.

The culture at UOB is very family-like.

We lend our support in whatever ways we can, whether it’s a work or personal matter.

There’s a particular incident that really touched me.

When I was on my short-term assignment at UOB Singapore, my manager took the initiative to call my parents to check on them.

I only found out about this later from my father.

UOB is a very caring organisation.

It is a place where I feel a strong sense of belonging, and where I know that I can be at my best, whether as a professional or as a person.

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