Focus on boosting your capital growth with UOB Capital Builder

Introducing UOB Capital Builder,
a new investment solution that can help you grow your capital sustainably.


It keeps its eye on investments that can help boost your capital over the medium to long term, to help you achieve your goal of wealth accumulation.


Throughout changes in market conditions, it seeks out investments that have the potential to perform, to help grow your capital sustainably.


It helps you manage risk and volatility through diversification across asset classes and markets globally.

UOB Capital Builder empowers you to:


UOB Capital Builder presents an affordable way for you to begin investing and to do so on a regular basis, if you choose to. It can bring you closer to your goals, such as owning your dream home or your longer-term aspiration of accumulating funds for your desired retirement.


An initial investment of S$20,000 and a monthly investment of S$300 can potentially grow to more than S$202,755 in 20 years.

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UOB Capital Builder helps you boost the capital you have worked hard for. It enhances your wealth sustainably with an investment approach that seeks out opportunities throughout different market conditions.


A lump sum investment of S$300,000 can potentially grow to more than S$451,089 in 7 years and more than S$718,967 in 15 years.

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Introducing the first fund under this solution –
BNP Paribas A Fund Capital Builder

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Exclusively distributed by:

BNP Paribas A Fund Capital Builder allows you to:


The fund identifies opportunities at a granular level within each asset class. This is supported by advanced quantitative analysis of a robust volume of data.

Gain greater access to
investment opportunities

The fund provides access to a wide range of investments and asset classes globally that have demonstrated a strong track record of risk-adjusted performance. These include investments that are not widely available to retail investors.


The fund employs a highly flexible strategy, characterised by timely adjustments towards investments that have the potential to deliver higher returns at different parts of the market cycle.

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