Payroll/Human Resource Management

  • Payroll/HRMS Solution Payroll/HRMS Solution

    UOB BizSmart featuring HReasily, lets you seamlessly manage multiple core processes such as sales, invoicing, payroll, accounting and more.

    Connected to your UOB banking account and facilities to provide ready information about your operations and company financials, you can make more informed business decisions and generate better cash flow.


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About HReasily

HReasily is a cloud-based human resource management system that allows SMEs to manage staff records, payroll, leave, claims, and attendance at ease. It integrates with UOB Business Internet Banking Plus (BIBPlus) to automate your payroll and issues itemised payslips in accordance with Ministry of Manpower mandate.


Digital staff records – Employees information, contracts, etc are stored as a centralised employee database

Payroll management – Issue itemised payslip electronically to your employees, where they can review and download easily on their employee app. It integrates with UOB Business Banking Internet Banking Plus (BIBPlus) to initiate payroll transactions seamlessly.


Offer: Free for unlimited employees


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How to apply

Step 1: Fill up your business details in the registration form link here

Step 2: Sign up for the solutions you are interested in and our solution vendors will contact you for follow-up

Step 3: Start using your solutions to experience the benefits

To sign up for the Start Digital Programme, the business needs to fulfill the following criteria:

  1. Be an SME registered and operating in Singapore with least 30% local shareholdings;
  2. Have group annual sales turnover of not more than SGD 100 million;
  3. Have group employment size of not more than 200 employees;
  4. Choose at least 2 solutions;
  5. Not be an existing user of the solutions which have been selected as part of the Start Digital Package;
  6. Be applying for a Start Digital Package for the first time (i.e. have not applied for any Start Digital Package through any other party); and
  7. Complete and successfully submit the registration form