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    With increasing dependence on technology and emphasis on customer data protection, it is important to make sure your devices are well protected against the external threats.


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Singtel Business Protect Basic

Business Protect Basic ensures your PC/Laptop/Mobile devices are protected anytime, anywhere, against malware, ransomware and its latest variants.


Offer: Free for first 6 months (with a 24 months contract)
S$7.75 per month after first 6 months (up to 2 users)

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Singtel Broadband Protect

Broadband Protect is a cloud solution to ensure protection against web threats even before it reaches your network. It also helps guard against threats such as viruses, malware and ransomware from malicious websites and other sources. Broadband Protect is available when you sign up for Singtel Business Broadband.

You can access to monthly reports on the security status of your business network and enjoy peace of mind with our monthly reports on blocked malware, ransomware and viruses from your network traffic.


Offer: Free for first 6 months (with a 24 months contract)
S$10 per month after first 6 months

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StarHub SmartSecure

StarHub SmartSecure is an endpoint security service that provides end-to-end protection for your business. It’s a completely self-service deployment, and doesn’t require additional hardware investments. It has comprehensive coverage that protects your desktop and mobile devices and is powerful to stop threats like ransomware and zero-day attacks.


Offer: Free for first 6 months (with a 24 months contract)
$8 per user license (up to 5 devices) per month after first 6 months

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ZoneAlarm Mobile Security

ZoneAlarm is a mobile security app that protects smartphones against unwanted cyber threats from risky apps and unprotected WiFi access points that can compromise your devices and privacy. Protection starts from the point of accessing any WiFi network to using an app so that you can shop, bank and browse safely. ZoneAlarm is active at every step of your mobile journey so you can have peace of mind. ZoneAlarm is available when you sign up for a Singtel business mobile line.


Offer: Free for first 6 months (with a 24 months contract)
$2.90 per month after first 6 months

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How to apply

Step 1: Fill up your business details in the registration form link here

Step 2: Sign up for the solutions you are interested in and our solution vendors will contact you for follow-up

Step 3: Start using your solutions to experience the benefits

Eligibility Criteria

To sign up for the Start Digital Programme, the business needs to fulfill the following criteria:

  1. Be an SME registered and operating in Singapore with least 30% local shareholdings;
  2. Have group annual sales turnover of not more than SGD 100 million;
  3. Have group employment size of not more than 200 employees;
  4. Choose at least 2 solutions;
  5. Not be an existing user of the solutions which have been selected as part of the Start Digital Package;
  6. Be applying for a Start Digital Package for the first time (i.e. have not applied for any Start Digital Package through any other party); and
  7. Complete and successfully submit the registration form