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Based on your selection, these are our product recommendations to help your business.

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UOB BizTransact

Turn your business transactions
into regular savings.
  • 100 free cheques
  • Up to 50% rebate on outward
    remittance charges
  • 100% rebate on bulk
    payroll transactions


UOB eBusiness

Ideal for start-ups
with low minimum balances.
  • Low minimum average daily
    balance of S$5,000
  • 100% rebate on bulk payroll transactions
  • Waiver on monthly UOB Business Internet Banking Plus premium services


UOB Business
Debit Card

Get savings out of your
business expenses.
  • 0.3% cash rebate on your
    Mastercard transactions
  • Earn up to 20% SMART$
    rebate at participating
  • Multi-purpose debit card
    with ATM accessibility




Hassle-free loan for your
business growth.
  • Up to S$350,000 of financing
  • No property or monetary
    deposit is required as pledge
  • Complimentary keyman
    insurance coverage of up
    to loan outstanding amount


UOB Platinum
Business Card

Increase your business
financial flexibility.
  • Optimise your cashflow with up
    to 51 days of interest-free repayment period
  • Earn 0.3% cash rebates or UNI$ rewards on your retail transactions
  • Earn up to 20% SMART$ rebate
    at participating merchants


Property Loan

Take your next step into
business expansion.
  • Flexible financing options
    whether you are buying or refinancing
  • Finance up to 80% of valuation
    on purchase price
  • Choose from floating or
    market-pegged rates


UOB Business
Internet Banking

Manage your cash and trade
finances online.
  • Full view of your deposits and
    loans accounts maintained with
  • Make online payments
    transactions securely
  • Carry out trade services
    at your convenience



Stay up-to-date on your business accounts.
  • Receive SMS / email notifications on your accounts and/or trade services



Manage your foreign exchange
exposure and risk more effectively.
  • Competitive rate for more than
    20 currencies
  • For your trading and payment requirements to do business
    around the globe
  • Enjoy preferential FX rates


UOB Payment
and Collection

Manage your business cash flow effectively for your operating needs.
  • Manage your cashflow with our range of payment and collection services


Note: Companies below 3 years in business are not eligible for a business loan.