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    14 June 2018

    10 mins read


    Three in five (60%) of ASEAN’s SMEs say they will focus their investments on technology over other fixed assets in 2018 to help drive business performance. Singapore SMEs (63%) echo the same preference for technology over investments in assets such as factories and machinery.

    But at the same time, SMEs continue to deal with daily challenges such as lack of scale, cost and labour. All this while juggling with global competition.

    The ‘Transforming the SME’ series on Channel NewsAsia, sponsored by UOB, looks at the challenges and opportunities SMEs face in an increasingly integrated digital economy. Interviews with a diverse range of representatives from the SME community discuss hot topics and deliver insights into how SMEs can stay competitive in the digital age.


    Episode 1: Driving the Future-Ready SME

    The rise of ASEAN brings great opportunities for the SMEs in our region if they can successfully ride on this wave to innovate in their products & services, and boost productivity by adopting technology to automate their processes. What are these opportunities and who are the partners that SMEs can work with to become Future-Ready? Watch the premiere episode of the ‘Transforming the SME’ series on Channel NewsAsia.

    Source: Channel NewsAsia, Asia Business First


    Episode 2: SMEs in the Digital Economy

    The Digital Age is upon us and SMEs must catch up by being more efficient in their processes. But how do SMEs overcome challenges such as the lack of scale or knowledge to benefit from digital technology? Who are partners in the SME ecosystem that can guide them on their digital journey? For these insights and more, catch the second instalment of the ‘Transforming the SME’ series on Channel NewsAsia.

    Source: Channel NewsAsia, Asia Business First


    Episode 3: Asia Business First Exchange - Panel Discussion Highlights

    At the Asia Business First Exchange, jointly presented by UOB and Channel NewsAsia, industry experts and SMEs gathered to discuss and share insights on the importance of digitalisation and how SMEs can overcome the challenges in their business transformation journey.

    Source: Channel NewsAsia, Asia Business First



    Episode 4: Changing Mindsets to Adopt Tech

    To cope with changes in the way businesses are run in the digital age, SMEs need to embrace technology to stay productive and competitive. See how an SME has successfully made the transition through mindset change and commitment to the strategy by training their staff, ultimately reaping benefits for the business.

    Source: Channel NewsAsia, Asia Business First


    Episode 5: Remaking SMEs in Myanmar

    8 per cent of businesses in Myanmar are small and medium-sized enterprises. SMEs there are trying to remake themselves to raise their competitiveness. But many feel government help is slow in coming.

    Source: Channel NewsAsia, Asia Business First


    Episode 6: SMEs' Outlook in the Philippines

    The Philippines is one of the world’s centres for the call centre industry - and it is an important contributor to the country's economy. We take a look at how small and medium-sized call centres work together with training outfits to prepare employees for challenges ahead.

    Source: Channel NewsAsia, Asia Business First


    Episode 7: Taking family-run business to the next level

    SMEs are often family businesses in Indonesia, and one young man is looking to revamp his family's established Indian restaurant chain for wider appeal.

    Source: Channel NewsAsia, Asia Business First


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