7 ways to improve employee well-being & company productivity

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    10 December 2019

    Key Takeaways

    • Happier employees will benefit the business in the long run as they remain motivated
    • Beyond salary, employees seek a workplace that can provide job satisfaction and personal fulfilment
    • Creating a healthier workplace does not require a large budget

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    SMEs are becoming more aware of how happier employees can benefit their business. As such, wellness programmes, simple ways to encourage employees to develop and adopt healthy habits, are a great way to start. These don't require a large budget either - just a mindset that is ready to create and encourage such measures in the workplace.

    These measures can go a long way in looking after your employees' health and mental well-being.


    Create a fulfilling workplace culture

    Many Singaporean business owners may believe that all employees worry about is their salary. However, times have changed. Personal well-being, job fulfilment and company culture are just as important to many employees, particularly millennials who value personal growth1. Naturally, such a working environment encourages employees to function at their best.


    Create a quiet space in the office

    Singapore is a work-driven culture and stress levels can often peak. One of the most straightforward wellness initiatives is to implement a quiet space where employees can rest. This need not be a large area; a small corner would work just fine. Helping your employees relieve stress2 for even a few minutes a day can make a big difference in their efficiency.


    Green up the office

    Many employees in Singapore work under fluorescent lights the whole day. However, an environment with natural light and greenery can make people happier. Make sure that there are plenty of potted plants around the office3. Plants are known to have health benefits such as lowering blood pressure; thus, promoting a feeling of well-being.


    Get everyone walking

    Keep your employees fit with a walking challenge. Ask everyone to log their steps and reward those who have taken the most steps each month with something like a gift card. Participating in the National Steps ChallengeTM, a fitness initiative by the Health Promotion Board4 (HPB), as an organisation is a great way of getting your staff excited about staying fit together as a group.


    Encourage pets in the office

    Higher productivity can sometimes come down to having an office cat, dog or even a parakeet. Online marketplace Carousell5 found that letting pets in the office is a good way to help employees reduce stress, boost morale and lift productivity..


    Enquire about wellness funding

    Check out the wellness programmes that the HPB6 co-funds. Contact HPB about their applications for chronic disease management, physical activity, nutrition and mental well-being. All these programmes require minimal administrative work to implement.


    Become a certified healthier workplace

    Talk to the Building and Construction Authority (BCA) about its Green Mark scheme7 and become a certified healthier workplace. Your office will be assessed on its sustainable design and management, energy and resource management, overall working environment and the health-related policies and programmes you have in place for employees.

    Offer medical benefits such as a complimentary annual health screening that encourage employees' peace of mind.

    When employees work for a company that looks after their welfare and has their best interests at heart, morale, job satisfaction and productivity are maximised. At UOB, we provide customised employee benefit solutions for your business, your employees and their loved ones.

    Contact us today to find out more.




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