[Part 1 of 3] AEC – The ASEAN Economic Community (AEC) is here, finally.

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    19 July 2017


    3 mins read


    The much-anticipated ASEAN Economic Community (AEC) commenced at the start of 2016 and holds many promises for the new era of economic cooperation and business opportunities for firms not just within the South East Asian boundaries, but for global companies that will want to partake in the exciting journey.

    In Part One of this 3-Part AEC Series, we looked at the economic potential of ASEAN by highlighting the favourable demographic and income trends that will promote ASEAN economies as one of the top regions to invest as a key production base as well as a large consumer market for global corporates.

    Part Two and Three will outline the potential trade and investment opportunities in ASEAN over the next decades, as well as a discussion of the closer integration between ASEAN and China as a result of several on-going initiatives such as the One-belt, One-road, AIIB, and the AEC.

    Download Part One (High-Res 6 Page Feature)

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