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    Boost your business by expanding your
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    Be in the midst of like-minded individuals, get support to achieve your goals and to spur each other on. Exclusively for all UOB BusinessConnect members, access events, curated contents, offers from reputable suppliers and business networks to maximise savings and increase productivity.


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About UOB BusinessConnect

Welcome to UOB BusinessConnect - a community where you can get resources and support to help achieve your business goals, grow your network and learn from industry experts.

Available exclusively to our UOB Business Banking Customers, you can look forward to:

  • Getting invites to exclusive networking events
  • Accesing curated content to keep yourself up-to-date with the latest market trends and industry news
  • Enjoying special offers for your business needs from our expansive network of reputable suppliers
  • Expanding your business network

Exclusive Events

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Event Date Details
Scale up your business through digitalisation and protect it from cyber threats 19 July 2021, Monday

Time: 2pm to 4.30pm
How to scale up your business in a constantly evolving and uncertain business environment?

Join us to learn more and get insights on how digital transformations in your business will give you a better competitive edge in the marketplace.

In addition, you will also learn the importance of protecting your digital assets from the increasing cyber threats, what are the common threats and how you can avoid them.

Registration is limited to 2 participants per SME.

Register here.


Event Date Details
Outlook for China and Southeast Asia – Internationalisation in New Normal with Professional Conversion Programme (PCP) 22 July 2021, Thursday

Time: 10am to 11.20am
After the sharp declines in business activities globally due to COVID-19 pandemic last year, the global growth outlook in 2021 is much brighter, led by China, US and developed economies, due to copious fiscal stimulus, accelerated vaccine rollout, better disease prevention and control, and adapting to “a new normal”.

And even as both the US and China are on their recovery paths, they each face own challenges at home, and the US-China relationship is yet another uncertainty. Southeast Asia will benefit from a recovering US and China through trade and investment channels, while changes in markets and supply chain configuration will continue in view of the uncertain US-China relationship, presenting new opportunities and risks for the region.

Join us in this webinar to understand how to tap on the government funded PCP for Internationalisation Professionals to break into new markets by building up a pool of skilled Internationalisation Managers with practical skills, attune to the post COVID-19 internationalisation landscape.

Register here.


Event Date Details
Business Model Innovation & Franchising Business Model 23 July 2021, Friday

Time: 3pm to 4.30pm
Enterprises need to constantly innovate their business models to stay relevant and competitive. We have seen how businesses failed over the decades as they could not keep up with competition or unable to address changing customers’ needs in time to sustain revenue growth.

What is business model innovation (BMI) and how does it help companies to stay relevant?
Supported by UOB, this webinar aims to address the importance of BMI and provide examples of business models which enterprises can deploy in redefining their values to stay relevant.

Hear from our guest speaker from the Franchising & Licensing Association (Singapore) as he shares the framework of franchising as a business model for companies to expand their businesses across countries.

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Event Date Details
Business Transformation for SMEs towards I4.0 28 July 2021, Wednesday

Time: 2pm to 4pm
This workshop will introduce you on why there is a nationwide emphasis on I4.0 transformation, and how your business can gain a competitive edge from it.

Our goal is to equip you with the necessary foundational knowledge, and introduce you to the special programs that will get you started on this transformation journey.

The special programs will be:
  • How this newly formed service by SMF is able to partner with you on your specific needs and recommend suitable transformation solutions (MATO)
  • Maximizing your manufacturing capability and revenue generation through industry 4.0 value creation (McKinsey & Company).
  • Effective Implementation of Digitalisation through Business Modelling Methodology (CCL).
Mr. Euclid Tan from SME Centre@SMF
Mr. Paul Chong from Manufacturing Alliance Transformation Office (MATO)
Mr. Bo Huang from McKinsey & Company
Mr. Henry Kang from SMF Centre for Corporate Learning (CCL)

Register here.


Event Date Details
SME Development Series | Impact of the start of Monetary Policy Normalisation from the US Federal Reserve 28 July 2021, Wednesday

Time: 2pm to 3.30pm
Join us at this webinar to find out what investors can expect in this pivotal moment as the global economy turns the corner in the COVID-19 crisis and embarks on a more broader and sustainable recovery!

Register here.


Event Date Details
Landing Page Creation for Professional Service Sector to Drive Business and Sales 29 July 2021, Thursday

Time: 4.30pm to 5pm
This outcome-based workshop is designed to enable participants in the professional service sector to learn the essentials of creating a landing page for your service offering and reach out to your targeted customers. A good landing page will increase your conversion rate and help to attract more customers.

Learn about the essential elements you will need to integrate into your landing page to enable you to stand out from competitors.

Register here.


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Watch highlights of past events and webinars


FX/Invest Webinar – How SMEs can prepare for beyond Covid-19

UOB's in-house experts share their insights on the dynamic global market conditions and the implications on currency trends and investing strategy for the coming months.



Webinar - Preparing your Retail Business for Recovery

Learn how to manage your business processes remotely and scale your business with relevant technology solutions.



Webinar – Market Strategy Update & UOB Solutions

Understand the macro factors impacting the economy and trends to watch out for. Find out about UOB’s COVID-19 support measures and integrated partner solutions to help you navigate this difficult period.



Webinar – Macro and Markets Impact of Covid-19 Outbreak

Understand the macro effects of COVID-19 pandemic on the outlook for key economies, interest rates and currencies, as well as the implications of the recession in Singapore for local businesses.



Event Highlights

SME Leaders from the first cohort experienced in-person training by experts from UOB and Google, as they share insights and tips on how SMEs can scale up digitally and boost business performances.




  • 40 mins free consultation with Asia Practice in relation to legal matters for UOB Business Banking Account customers

T: +65 6220 1912 | M: +65 9733 8844


Contact person: Lee Chien Herr - Director


  • Advisory Services
    10% Discount for any Tax advisory (Personal/Corporate), Digital Onboarding, Accounting advisory and GST Registration/Filing

  • Services with Industry Insight
    10% Discount for any Business Registration that comes with Industry Insight and Corporate Secretarial Services

+65 9878 6801


Quote promo code “UOB20


DP SME Advisory provides incorporation, corporate secretarial, accounting, payroll and tax services to support start-ups and SMEs from conception to growth. Since our inception in 2001, we’ve provided assistance to more than 150,000 local and foreign business owners and entrepreneurs. DP SME Advisory is a part of Experian family of brands.

Please quote UOB20 to Phone: +65 9878 6801 or email: Jason.seah@experian.com to enjoy 10% off for above mention services. Offer is valid till 31st Dec 2021 for all services mentioned.

Access to the following Free Diagnosis and 1-1 Business Clinics proudly brought to you by Oriel Business Growth Services and 3D Supply Chain Programs:

  • Free Review of Business Model, Financial and Operations Diagnosis
  • Free Review of Company’s Supply Chain & vulnerabilities
  • Free Copy of Diagnosis Summary Report with Proposed Next Course of Actions (including suggestions of what government grants and support to consider)
  • Up to 2 sessions of 1 hour each over Face to Face Consultation Clinic via zoom

Sustainable / Green Business Modelling for SMEs

+65 97351298 (Call or whatsapp)



Quote promo code "UOBORIEL"

Oriel Management Consulting Pte Ltd ("Oriel") was established in 2002. It has advised, developed and strengthened critical capabilities of thousands of Small Medium Enterprises ("SMEs") in the areas of business model, operations & supply chain, and access to finance with grant and incentives support from Enterprise Singapore and other agencies. These SMEs have ventured overseas by tapping on Oriel’s experts in product commercialisation & market access (distributorship, direct sales, franchising & licensing), operations digitalisation via exploiting industry 4.0 solutions, professional services (legal, tax, accounting, human resource) and financial partners (investment funds, banks & credit insurance) in countries along the New Silk Route connecting Asia, Russia, Middle East & Africa and Europe.

Please quote UOBORIEL to Phone or whatsapp: +65 97351298 or email: ccwee@orielgroup.com to enjoy above mentioned services. Offer is valid till 31st December 2022 for all services mentioned. Terms and Conditions apply.

Complimentary Business Advisory Services from SME Centre@SCCCI

Identify your business gaps and learn more about the relevant government assistance programmes to support your business growth through our one-to-one business advisory sessions.

Learn more

Free Business Consultation and 50% off secretarial service

  • Corporate secretarial services
  • Optional requirement to meet face to face
  • Documentation can be e-signed

Accounting and Tax Advisory (up to 90% funding support)

  • Digital onboarding and remote advisory
  • Transition to cloud based accounting with data migration
  • Customised training on digital accounting
  • Financial management advisory

+65 8180 5515 (Call or whatsapp)



Quote promo code “UOBUV20”

U Ventures Pte Ltd was established in 2010 as a professional firm providing accounting, corporate secretarial and tax advisory services through advanced digital services, primarily to Small Medium Enterprises (SMEs) startups and SMEs seeking to restructure their business.  Accredited Xero gold partner and advisor, Quickbooks online Proadvisor and Waveapp Pro advisor with in-house Chartered Accountant with ISCA, Accredited Tax Practitioner with IRAS, Professional Singapore Certified Management Consultant and Advanced Certificate in Training and Assessment (ACTA) advisor.

Please quote UOBUV20 to Phone or whatsapp: +65 8180 5515 or email: info@uventures.com.sg to enjoy 10% off for above mentioned services. Offer is valid till 31st December 2021 for all services mentioned. Disbursements charged separately.


  • Drive up your savings with UOB Shell Fleet Programme
  • - Shell Instant Fuel Discount1 of minimum 18%
    - UOB Commercial Card Monthly Rebate2 of up to 1.5%
    - Quarterly Bonus3 on Nett Fuel Spend of up to 1%

  • Consolidate your fleet expenditures to save more - See illustration below


      In Percentage In Dollar Value
        Tier 1: Gross Fuel
    Spend Per Quarter
    Tier 2: Gross Fuel
    Spend Per Quarter
    Shell Instant Fuel Discount1 18% S$234 S$2,340
    Nett Fuel Spend Per Quarter
    (After Instant Discount)
    S$1,066 S$10,660
    UOB Commercial Card
    Monthly Rebate2
    1.5% S$16 S$160
    Quarterly Bonus3
    on Nett Fuel Spend
    Tier 1: 0.3%
    Tier 2: 1%
    S$3.20 S$106.60
    Total Fuel Savings4
    (Per Quarter)
    Tier 1: 19.5%
    Tier 2: 20.05%
    S$253.20 S$2,606.60
  • To sign up for a Shell Fleet Card, please leave us your contact here.

118% instant fuel discount is provided by Shell. 2Refers to the existing monthly cash rebate(s) or UNI$ earned on the respective eligible card transactions. 3Additional Quarterly Bonus (cash rebate or UNI$) will be credited to the qualified customers’ card account if the fuel spending meets the tiered criteria of the Quarterly Bonus. Quarterly means the period of three consecutive statement months based on calendar month. 4The percentage savings shown are for illustrative purposes only. The total percentage savings of 19.50% and 20.05% is calculated based on 18% instant fuel discount, 1.5% UOB Commercial Card rebate and/or, if applicable, 0.3% or 1% Quarterly Bonus. This Promotion is not applicable to UOB Business Debit Card users who are existing Shell Fleet Card customers as at 1 September 2020. Other terms and conditions apply. Visit uob.com.sg/commercialfleet for full terms and conditions.


Human Resource

HR Business Partnering With Align Group

  • Complimentary 1-hour Virtual HR Clinic on business and grants.
  • Upon successful signing up for a HR Business Partnering solution:
    • Free 1st year full subscription to a HR software system for employee database, payroll, leave and claims management with employee self-service features, worth $10,000 (including set up).
    • Free Recruitment Credit worth $12,000.
    • Free Workplace Happiness Survey for all your employees, with full report analysis and recommendation, worth $10,000.

+65 6222 5224


Quote promo code “UOB”

Align Group is the trusted HR business consultancy and partner to growing enterprises. We help to hire, reward, motivate, and develop their people. We serve as their extended HR departments to position them for business growth.

Offer is valid till 31 December 2021 . Terms and conditions apply. The offer is only available to the first 100 clients who use the promo code. The offer must be redeemed within 30 days after using the promo code. Unsuccessful signups for a HR Business Partnering solution would invalidate the signing up offers. However, he/she will still be eligible for the complimentary 1-hour Virtual HR Clinic. The choice of HR software given out at as the offer will be selected by Align Group. Align Group reserves the rights to change the HR software provider.


Digital solutions

  • Free 3 months subscription for Delegate PRO (U.P. $450) with every 6 months subscription to Growth, Advance and Platinum plans.

Sign up with referral code <UOBBIZDELEGATE> at


Delegate enables event businesses to digitise their business through selling online and capturing event enquiries and bookings. Their cloud solution gives event businesses the end-to-end capability to manage clients, handle bookings and receive payments. Optimise your business with data through their platform by monitoring of real-time business performance, learning about customer preferences and identifying new opportunities to increase bookings.

Promotion ends 30 June 2022. Terms and conditions apply.

Starting your business with the right digital solutions is important as it gives your business an edge above your competitors and allows you to seize opportunities in the digital economy.

The Start Digital programme aims to help you start your digitalisation journey early, offering curated solutions with proven track records and up to 12 months free subscription.


 Find out more

Even as business resumes in Phase 2, consumers are expected to remain highly engaged online. If you are an SME in the Retail or F&B sector, and would like to enhance your social media engagement, you can tap on to The FinLab's community give-back initiative #ProjectFOC. In this initiative, The FinLab is sponsoring SMEs with the usage of OFFEO, a video creation tool, from now till the end of the year. The FinLab is an innovation accelerator by UOB and has been helping businesses grow and stay ahead through digital adoption. Redemption is available to the first 100 SMEs*.

Sign up here.

*Terms and conditions apply.

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