Manage your procurement digitally with EzyProcure

EzyProcure, is an e-procurement platform that automates purchase to payment process for both buyers and suppliers.

Buyers can also maximise business cashflow by obtaining extended credit terms with consolidated purchase data.

Key Benefits of EzyProcure

for buyers


  • Simplify purchase process and reduce manual work
  • Better forecast of buying needs with consolidated purchase data
  • Pay later with up to 60 days credit terms with UOB Virtual Payment Solution
for seller


  • Simplify order management process on a single platform
  • Identify growth opportunities with buyer purchase patterns
  • Receive payments within 7 days upon delivery when buyer pays using UOB Virtual Payment Solution

How EzyProcure Works

About UOB Virtual Payment Solution

UOB Virtual Payment Solution offers credit term for buyers to help maximise their business cash flow. Using the payment solution on EzyProcure, buyers can enjoy up to 60 days credit terms while the bank pays the supplier within 7 days upon delivery.

How to apply for UOB Virtual Payment Solution?

• Upon EzyProcure sign up - Buyers can submit supporting application documents to apply

• After 6 months EzyProcure usage– Buyer can apply based on their transaction history on EzyProcure

Adopt EzyProcure with another solution at no cost for the first 6 months under the Start Digital Pack*.