Privilege Reserve
Privilege Reserve Benefits
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An Exclusive Collection of Privilege Reserve Benefits

Live life on a different level in the world of Privilege Reserve.
It's a world where your dreams, priorities, relationships and way of life take centrestage.

A world where true wealth is in the richness of ties and the abundance of choices, where preferential treatment is a way of life.

From bespoke concierge services to, complimentary stays at luxurious locations. You can look forward to a wealth of privileges that complement your lifestyle and cater to your exceptional palate.

The world of Privilege Reserve is the world of Privilege Living. Enjoy.


UOB Reserve Concierge
Enjoy complimentary personalized concierge service where no request is too great.

UOB Concierge Travel
Enjoy complimentary privileges with your hotel and airlines reservations.

UOB Medical Concierge
Enjoy complimentary medical concierge services provided by Parkway Hospitals Singapore.

UOB Reserve Card
Live life the way it is meant to be with the finest privileges.

Live the Privileged Life

What's New

With effect from 2 Jan 2015,
Interest Rates for UOB i-ACCOUNT
and UOB High Yield Account will
be revised.

To qualify for UOB Privilege
Reserve, clients need to maintain
a minimum balance of S$2,000,000
in deposits and/or investment
with us.