Foreign Currency Fixed Deposit

Earn potentially better returns with our Foreign Currency Fixed Deposit. With a wide range of foreign currencies to choose from, you can reap gains from attractive interest rates and currency appreciation.


Take advantage of the potential growth of the US Dollar, and other attractive foreign currency fixed deposit rates.

Currency of time/fixed deposit of FCFD Account
Promotional Interest Rate* (p.a.)
US Dollar
Australian Dollar
New Zealand Dollar

Simply deposit a minimum of $50,000 in fresh funds in your Foreign Currency Fixed Deposit..
This promotion is available from 30 May to 30 June 2017.

*Terms and conditions: The promotional interest rate(s) quoted is/are as at 30 May 2017. This promotion is applicable to individual customers only and is not valid with any other privileges or promotions unless otherwise stated. The fixed deposit must be made with fresh funds and not funds transferred from existing UOB/FEB savings/current/fixed deposit account(s) or UOB/FEB cheques, cashier's orders and demand drafts. To qualify for the promotional interest rate(s), fresh funds of not less than $50,000 in the applicable currency must be placed in the applicable foreign currency fixed deposit for the tenor applicable to that promotional interest rate. The promotional interest rate will only apply if the fixed deposit is held to maturity. If the fixed deposit is withdrawn before its maturity, no interest will be payable unless UOB decides otherwise (in which case, the amount of interest payable will be determined by UOB). UOB may change the terms and conditions of this promotion (including the promotion period, promotional interest rate, fixed deposit tenor, or terminate this promotion) at any time without having to provide any reason or prior notice. It is important to read and accept the full terms and conditions that apply to the 6-month Promotional Rate.

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You’ll enjoy :

  • Higher interest rates
  • Flexible tenors ranging from 1 week to 12 months
  • One of the lowest minimum deposit requirements in Singapore
  • Convenient modes of making and withdrawing deposits – by cash, cheque or telegraphic transfer
  • Convenient automatic renewal of fixed deposit upon maturity
  • The option to use foreign currency fixed deposit as collateral for an overdraft in foreign currencies, loan or other credit facilities with the UOB Group
  • The privileges of a UOB Credit Card when you pledge your fixed deposit

Fees & Requirements

What are the requirements?

  • You must be at least 15 years old
  • An introducer is required if a non-resident individual wishes to open an account
  • Minimum placement amount. Please refer to the table below.

    Currency Tenor (1,2, 3, 6 and 12 months)
    US Dollar USD 5,000
    Australian Dollar AUD 5,000
    British Pound GBP 5,000
    Canadian Dollar CAD 5,000
    Euro EUR 5,000
    New Zealand Dollar NZD 5,000
    Swiss Franc CHF 5,000
    Japanese Yen JPY 500,000
    Hong Kong Dollar HKD 200,000

    (Shorter tenors available for higher amounts)

How much does it cost?

  • You do not have to pay any fees to maintain the account
  • For non-resident individuals, interest earned is also exempt from tax and estate duty

 Book an appointment online for express account opening# 
 Visit any UOB/FEB branch         1800 222 2121

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 Book an appointment online for express account opening# 
 Visit any UOB/FEB branch         1800 222 2121