Cash Advance

Ever found yourself in a situation where you need cash urgently but you don’t know where to get it?
With Cash Advance, you can now get instant cash wherever, whenever you want it.

Easy access to instant cash


With UOB Cash Advance, you can now get instant cash whenever you want with your UOB Credit Card!

Via ATMs
  • Withdraw cash at any local UOB ATM using your credit card and PIN.
  • When overseas, visit any UOB / Cirrus / PLUS ATM with your credit card and PIN.

Via UOB Personal Internet Banking
Over The Bank Counter

Maximise the benefits of your UOB Credit Card with Cash Advance today!

More Information

  • The minimum amount for Cash Advance done via ATM, SMS and phone is S$200.
  • Cash Advance amount is pegged to 75% of your credit limit or available credit limit (whichever is lower) and Cash Advance transaction is not applicable on temporary limit.
  • Maximum cash withdrawal amount from a UOB ATM is S$3,000 per day.
  • Interest will be charged on a daily basis from the date of each Cash Advance transaction, until the date full payment is made. Please refer to the UOB Cardmembers Agreement for full breakdown on interest.
  • A Cash Advance fee of 6% of the transaction amount or S$15 (whichever is greater) applies for each Cash Advance transaction, and will be charged to your UOB Credit Card.
  • Funds Transfer to UOB account performed after 10pm or on Sunday and public holidays will be reflected as the next business day’s transaction in your debiting account statement. For non-UOB banks’ submission after 3.30pm will be treated as the next business day’s transaction. Please allow 2 to 3 business days for the payee bank to process the transfer.