Why UOB Income Builder Is Right For Me?

UOB Income Builder is a new solution that takes a risk-first approach1 to try and deliver stable returns and regular income amid the fluctuations of the market.
  1. It Is Risk Managed

    Our Partners’ experts rigorously uncover new risks on a daily basis to attempt to minimise your downside. This is what sets UOB Income Builder apart.

  1. It Is Global And Diversified

    Our Partners seek the best income-generating opportunities by spreading your money globally across different geographies and investment types so that no single component is able to significantly affect the performance of your money.

  1. It Provides Regular Income

    You can enjoy monthly payouts2 if you desire a passive stream of additional income for your retirement. Or choose to reinvest for greater potential returns over the long run if you are planning for your child’s tertiary education in the future.