COE Open Bidding Overview

UOB Open Certificate of Entitlement bidding service (OCOE) provides you with a secure and convenient online platform to bid for Certificates of Entitlement (COE) for vehicles during Land Transport Authority’s (LTA) bidding exercises.

UOB OCOE Service offers you the convenience to view and revise your bid as often as you like during the exercise period.

Message prompt upon logon to COE open bidding.

You may encounter a message prompt uopn your logon to COE Open Bidding page.
Please follow the steps to guide you through.


  • Convenient Online Bidding
    • You can enjoy the convenience of online bidding for COEs under LTA's Open Bidding scheme. Submit one or multiple bids at a go, during the exercise period. You can also revise bids upwards at any time, as often as you like, before the cut-off time.
  • Ease of Use
    • User-friendly and intuitive web-interface makes it easy for you to navigate around the website and perform your required tasks
  • Online Folder Management
    • You can draft your bids before the exercise starts and store them in online folders for easy management (only for Motor Traders)
  • Real-Time Access
    • UOB OCOE Service offers you a real-time link to LTA’s bidding system. You can enquire:
      • Current COE prices
      • Availability of COEs for each category
      • Number of bids in each category
      • Bid status


Apply Now

Please download the following application form to apply:

If applicable*, please submit the application form along with the following resolution:

* The Accounts & Services Resolution is required for corporations/limited liability partnerships/
partnerships/societies/associations/clubs/management corporations that have not executed the Accounts & Services Resolution previously.

Maintenance Forms


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  • Getting Started
  • Submitting a Bid

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