Machinery and Equipment Financing

You can use our Hire Purchase (HP) facility to finance your purchase of machinery and equipment. This is a financing arrangement for your machinery and equipment purchase whereby we will pay the vendor directly. The Bank therefore acquires and retains legal ownership of the financed asset, while you become the hirer. The ownership of the financed asset will be transferred to you when the final instalment is fully paid. This is unlike a term loan where the borrower holds legal title to the goods from the outset.

At UOB Commercial Banking, we provide financing for a wide range of machinery and equipment. With our attractive interest rates and flexible repayment period, you can now acquire the machinery and equipment you need for your business while better managing your cash flow.


With UOB’s attractive Machinery and Equipment Financing Package, you can now finance the purchase of your assets with ease. UOB offers competitive interest rates and maximum financing of up to 90% of the valuation or purchase price, whichever is lower, with a maximum loan tenure of eight years.

Hire Purchase Financing

At UOB Commercial Banking, you can apply for hire purchase financing through: