Internationalisation Finance Scheme

The Internationalisation Finance Scheme (IFS), administered by IE Singapore, is designed to help Singapore-based companies expand their operations overseas and internationalise successfully.

Types of Loans

The IFS loan can be used for one or more of the following purposes associated with overseas investment:
Asset-Based Financing

  • To purchase or construct factories or buildings (including land)
  • To purchase other fixed assets such as machinery

Structured Loans

  • To finance secured overseas projects or confirmed overseas sales orders

The acquisition of the above assets must be for overseas projects that will generate economic spin-offs for Singapore.

Banker's Guarantee

• To issue guarantee facilities for secured overseas projects for the following purpose:

  • Advance payment guarantee
  • Performance guarantee
  • Tender / Bid bond guarantee

Issuance of Banker's guarantee must relate to and be backed by evidence of specific secured overseas projects. In the case of tender/ bid bond guarantee, it must be backed by supporting tender documentation.

Merger and Acquisition Financing

• To finance the acquisition of equity stakes in businesses with the intent of overseas expansion. The acquisition should synergise with their core business.

Types of Financing Maximum Loan Period Maximum Quantum of Financing1
Asset-Based Financing

(a) Land / Factories / Buildings

(b) Other fixed assets
15 years
6 years
Structured Loans
3 years
Banker's Guarantee
5 years
Merger and Acquisition Financing
5 years

*Based on the acquisition price
1 Financing is pro-rated in proportion to the percentage of the Singapore-based company's shareholding in the overseas operation.
2 Based on valuation or purchase price, whichever is lower.
3 Based on the value of the sales order or contract amount or project value.

Maximum Loan Exposure

  • Maximum loan exposure (on a group basis) shall not exceed S$30 million.


You may apply for IFS if your business meets the following criteria:

  • Singapore-based company with meaningful business operations and at least 3 strategic business functions* in Singapore.
  • Global Headquarter(HQ)** anchored in Singapore.
  • For non-trading companies, the turnover shall not exceed S$300 million. For trading companies‘, the turnover shall not exceed S$500 million.
  • Singapore-based company with meaningful business operations and at least 3 strategic business functions** in Singapore^.
  • The overseas business must complement the Singapore company's core operations and result in economic spin-offs to Singapore

* Strategic business functions refer to activities such as (i) banking & financial, (ii) marketing and business planning, (iii) procurement, logistic, (iv) training & personnel management, (v) investment planning/co-ordination, (vi) R&D and design, (vii) technical support, (viii) manufacturing, and (viiii) other value-added (VA) activities.

** An entity is considered to have its Global HQ anchored in Singapore where:
  1. more than 50% of the Board of Directors are Singaporeans or Permanent Residents of Singapore;
  2. the control and management of the QSE's ultimate corporate parent (the Parent) is exercised in Singapore;
  3. the chief executive officers of the Parent responsible for the global decisions of the Group are based in Singapore; and
  4. the Parent's Board of Directors meeting are held in Singapore.

Refers to companies with more than 50% sales turnover derived from trading.

All Terms and conditions must apply.

Apply Now

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  • Download, and complete an application form (PDF: 267KB).
    Send completed form to:

    United Overseas Bank Limited
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