Corporate Deposit Card

At UOB, we are always looking for ways to help our customers manage their cash flow more efficiently.

The UOB Corporate Deposit Card is a deposit-only card that lets you or your employees deposit cash into your corporate account securely at more than 100 UOB self-service machines islandwide.

What's more, cash deposits can now be made conveniently, around the clock.

With the UOB Corporate Deposit Card, you have a choice of assigning a unique Deposit Reference for each card. When making a deposit using the UOB Corporate Deposit Card, you or your receivables management staff can track and reconcile the deposited cash more efficiently. The online account statement and your monthly bank statement will also reflect the deposit against the deposit reference assigned to the card.


Like you, we value efficiency and peace of mind.
The UOB Corporate Deposit Card delivers just that. 

As a busy business owner, you want the flexibility to do your banking when time allows. With the UOB Corporate Deposit Card, you can now make cash deposits at your convenience without the need to wait in line at the bank.



UOB Corporate Deposit Card
(Pricing effective 1 September 2014)

Fees Pricing
Transaction Waived for cash deposits at UOB self-service machine
Card Issuance $3.00 per card issued.
No. of cards waived for each account: 10
• Each UOB SGD Corporate Current Account will be waived up to 10 cards.
• No UOB Corporate Deposit Card issuance fee will be charged as long as total number of cards issued does not exceed 10.

1. Card issuance includes new application and replacement of existing cards.
2. All charges will be debited from Customer account on the following month.


Application Forms

Corporate Deposit Card Application form

If applicable*, please submit the application form along with the following resolution:
Accounts & Services Resolution

* The Accounts & Services Resolution is required for corporations/limited liability partnerships/partnerships/societies/associations/clubs/management corporations that have not executed the Accounts & Services Resolution previously.

Terms & Conditions
Corporate Deposit Card Terms & Conditions

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