• Payment and Collection Services

    1. Payment and collection is made easy for your business with our range of services
    2. -Get cash from your accounts receivables with greater ease and speed.
    3. - Manage your accounts payable in a cost-efficient way.

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  • Payroll Services

    1. Payroll made easy for SMEs.
    2. - Issue itemised payslips with ease in adherence to MOM requirements
    3. - Save time and money with 100% rebate on bulk payroll service charges

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  • BizSmart

    1. The smart way to run your business
    2. - Provide live data including direct account feeds from UOB
    3. - Increase efficiency with automation of business processes
    4. - Improve compliance with itemised payslips in accordance to Ministry of Manpower mandate

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Employee Benefits
Workplace Banking brings exclusive banking benefits and deals with our partners to your employees.

Payroll made easy for SMEs.
Be MOM compliant by issuing itemized payslips and make payroll management hassle-free for your business.