Business Internet Banking Plus

Account Services

  • Full view of your deposits and loan accounts maintained with UOB
  • Monitor transactions through customisable alerts via email and calendar


  • Make the following transactions securely:
  1. Electronic payments and collections
  2. Telegraphic Transfers
  3. Bill Payments
  4. Cashier's Orders
  5. Demand Drafts
  6. Payroll transactions

  • Allows you to set payroll access rights to authorised personnel only
  • Allows batch authorisations to speed up approval
  • Create post-dated and recurring transactions
  • Set up pre-approved beneficiaries

Trade Finance

  • Carry out the following trade services online:
  1. Import Letter of Credit (LC)
  2. Documentary Collection
  3. Standby LC
  4. Shipping Guarantee
  5. Banker's Guarantee
  6. Trade Financing requests
  7. Trade Bill Summary

  • Ease of navigation between the various sections of a trade application e-form
  • Convenience in tracking transaction history and specific transaction status
  • Access to all trade transactions (done manually over the counter or via BIBPlus)
  • Optimisation of your workflow via a host of other key features


BIBPlus Demo and Guide

Learn how BIBPlus can help your business manage cash and trade transactions more efficiently.

Click to view the demo or Download the guide from here



SecurePlus token provides enhanced security to safeguard all your Internet banking transactions.

  • Generates a One Time Password (OTP) during online transactions
  • Also comes with a security feature called Transaction Signing that uses
    transaction-specific information to generate a secure OTP

3 easy steps on how to use the SecurePlus token:

To login to BIBPlus
  1. When prompted for a one-time-password (OTP)
  2. Press the LOGIN button once to display the OTP on the SecurePlus token
  3. Enter the displayed OTP into the requested field on the BIBPlus login web page

To approve BIBPlus transactions
  1. When presented with instructions on the BIBPlus approval screen
  2. Press the SecurePlus token button as specified on the BIBPlus approval screen message
  3. Follow the step by step instructions on the BIBPlus approval screen to complete the approval process


BIB Workshop

Invitation to UOB Business Internet Banking Workshop

Dear Valued Customer

Thank you for choosing to bank online with UOB Business Internet Banking ("UOB BIBPlus").

To help you get started on UOB BIBPlus, we take pleasure in inviting you to sign up for UOB BIBPlus Basic or Premium Workshop.

At the Basic (Transactional Services) Workshop, you will learn to:
  • Perform Login and trace user/transactional activity using Audit Trail
  • Explore different transactional items available on our platform to facilitate your payment needs
  • Check transaction status and download reports

At the Premium (Bulk Services) Workshop, you will learn to:

  • Perform login and install ODIS to create the required file format
  • Create, upload and approve file for bulk transactions (Payment, Payroll and Collection)
  • Check transaction status and download reports

How To Apply

Request for
Application Form
Download the
Accounts &
Services Form*
For other
forms relating
to BIBPlus

Need help? Click here to view our sample forms.
If you have complex requirements which require more customised BIBPlus services, please refer to the BIBPlus Forms Guide to search for the form you need.

* The Accounts & Services Resolution is required for corporation / limited liability partnerships / partnerships / societies / associations / clubs / management corporations that have not executed the Account & Services Resolution previously.