Payment and Collection Services

SMEs need to evaluate the various collection and payment modes available.



Managing and monitoring transactions

Keep track of your business finances with ease.

eAlert! services
  • Receive SMS and/or email notification of your business cash flow and trade transactions
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Business Internet Banking Plus
  • Easy access to a suite of cashflow management and
    trade services anytime, anywhere.
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Making and Receiving Payments

Manage your cash flow in a cost-efficient way.

Fund Transfers in Singapore Dollar
  • FAST - Allows you to transfer funds in Singapore almost immediately to another participating bank
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Telegraphic Transfer
  • A secure solution for overseas payment and fund transfer in
    foreign currencies
  • Preferential FX rates+ are available on BIBPlus or via our FX hotline (6709 8088)
  • Extended cut-off time for transfers made via BIBPlus

Cashier's Order and Demand Draft
  • Purchase Cashier's Order in Singapore Dollar or a foreign currency Demand Draft via BIBPlus or any UOB branch
  • Option to request the Bank to mail the Cashier's Order or Demand Draft to your beneficiaries or collect from any UOB branch of your choice

Bulk Payment Services
  • Bulk Payment (for supplier and vendor payments via GIRO, Cashier's Order or Cheque)
  • Bulk Payroll (for salary crediting via GIRO)
  • GIRO with Beneficiary Advice (notify your suppliers of successful payments made to them via email)

Business Debit Card and Credit Card
Bulk Collection
  • With UOB Direct Debit, you can collect payment due to you by doing a direct debit from your customers' bank accounts via an Interbank GIRO collection arrangement

  • A solution offered via NETS platform that allows your customers to make internet banking payments to you
  • Funds will be credited to your UOB account by the next business day



For the full list of fees, please click here.


+ Preferential FX rate is applicable only for FX contracts amounts equivalent to S$20,000 and above, enquired via eFX platform or via our FX hotline.